ATi 5750 problem - no display

Encountered a problem with my newly bought 5750 - I get no display upon boot up.

Uninstalled my Nvidia drivers, still doesn't work.

All cables including the 75W six pin are connected - the card spins up but still no display.

System Specs:

Gigabyte M61PME-S2
650W PSU

Any suggestions? I've browsed other forums but that has been inconclusive.
i had this with the first 5850 i got from Pixmania and the reason was the card was broken
i plugged the card into my pc connected it to the pci/e power connectors the vent spun up just fine
but the monitor stayed plain black. have sended the card back to them and after tehy checked it
pixmania confirmed the card was broken, as you have the same symptomes i guees you got a foulty
card too
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