ATCC League and Events (perfection!!!)

Jarrod Keen

Sep 4, 2008
Well, it's time that I admit it, these STCC/WTCC friday night events have totally replaced (in my heart) what I thought was a far superior racing class and racing event (the Gt Pros). I've always thought the larger engined (and more exotic) cars to be a better event for racing not to mention they're best raced for endurance which I always thought as a better event.

All this has changed!!! We've been racing on friday nights for a while now and with full grids plus some standby drivers, we are practically ensured a full grid!! This event is morphing into the ATCC league within the month and my excitement simply off the charts.

A driver in the STCC friday night events will experience the following.... IF they're on Teamspeak, you'll find many friends, clowns and outlaws to enjoy your friday evening with. You'll have a practice session followed by a 1 lap superpole event which is always dramatic!!! Then, due to the awesome class of cars that are the STCC and WTCC cars, you'll experience close racing like you've never before experienced. No matter your skill level, you will have someone to race with. Not only that, but we race a 2 race format so after the first race which runs around 20 minutes, we'll stop, declare a race 1 winner, fix our cars (automatically of course... we don't actually have to beat out the dents in the sheetmetal ourselves!!!) and line them all up to do it again!!! Having a 2 race format affectively rebunches (i made up that word) the field and makes for another interesting 20 minute race (whereas in an endurance race, the field gets more and more dispersed as the race goes on) .... The top 8 finishers are inverted so that the 2nd race can be a real wildcard where the podium finishers from race 1 are trying to fight back up to the front!!! After race 2, points are given and then an overall winner is announced.

We have a slight variation for the league for scoring (which will include more drivers getting points) however the entire event (from the car selections down to the actual 2 race format) encourages close racing for the duration of the event.

As a former GT Pro class snob, I must admit, after just completing a GT race at A1ring (which was incredibly fun btw) that the STCC/WTCC event is beyond comparison for the intense feel of competition. Those GT cars are awesome and I'll always have a soft spot (and intense interest) for those cars however, I have a new favorite!!! With enduro racing, it's probable that by the last quarter to half of the race, you could be running alone just trying to survive. VERY different than the STCC format with 2 races!!!

I give RD, Eric, Keith and the STCC and WTCC class a big A++ big thumbs up. I can't imagine a better setup for a league.

If you've not given us a look.... check in with the crew and drive with us the next few Friday nights. Find the event under Evo Club races, and select the one that races on friday night 9:00 Eastern Standard time... BUT IS LISTED AS Fri (sat morning) 1:00 gmt on the sticky thread list at the top of the page of club races. See below for link.

Also, here's a link to the ATCC League referenced above. Check it out, you'll be impressed.
Feb 23, 2008
I just have to agree. I've participated in a few of these Friday night races and they are chuffing magic. It's so tight racing, but so clean. Even at S2000 Wednesdays or other really good Swedish leagues I drive in there are always some pushing and shoving that will at some point in the race make you go more or less off the track.

There are always setups to "borrow" and the people on Teamspeak are always really fun. Albeit I don't talk all that much it's really fun listening to. The only downside for me is that the races are at 3 AM which really isn't that good, because it will ruin a good part of your weekend. But when I do it, it's really worth it. It's just plain, simple, good ol' fun.

Adam Vaughan

Nov 11, 2008
Who are the TS clowns? :D

Really good events to wind you all up and kick all your asses. Exspecially Keith.


Rhys Gardiner

Jul 8, 2008
Jarrod's summed up what all of us involved in ATCC are thinking. Great stuff. :)

Before I raced in these events I had no idea how much fun could be had with this kind of format. My first racing at RD was the old Oceania race nights, and while it was pretty fun, after a few months it had withered away and died. Their official cancellation broke my heart, and left me with only one ride a week.
With that, my only RD fix, aside from league events and the occasional early-morning adventure, was these events. Being one of the first new guys to join (the old guard were Warren, Timothy, Yves, Marty, Eric K and a few others), I have witnessed these races grow and develop from a small group of 5-10 guys having a bit of fun on a Friday night to an immensely successful fixture of the Racing Club, with over 15-car grids and signup lists that fill up before half the week's over. These events are quite easily the flagship races of the GTR Evolution Club.
And now, we're taking it to the next level. I have no doubt in my mind that none of the fun, casual spirit of these races will be lost in the transition to a league environment.
I have to thank the following:
Keith, Jarrod and Eric for putting their hearts and souls into the S2000 Fridays.
Keith himself for being a great mate and inviting me along for the ride as ATCC writer.
And everyone else, the fun-loving racers that rush to make the grid and provide the best atmosphere of any event on RD. You will not get racing like this anywhere else.

Oh, speaking of writing... I'm almost done with the Detroit writeup. Expect it to be up in the next few days... :D

Keith Barrick

Feb 19, 2008
(the old guard were Warren, Timothy, Yves, Marty, Eric K and a few others)
Psssssssssssssssssst, you forgot me :fwd2: :D

I was part of Pan-Am racing with Timmy, Yves, and Eric. I was new to club racing, and was overly eager to win, and felt I had something to prove back then. Lost that attitude/thinking a few club races in, and started wanting to help out with car control, and teaching the tricks of the trade.

Im just glad I was able to help grow the Friday events into what they have become, but ultimately the races are as good as the are because of the people joining. So everyone keep joining, and we will always have a good Friday :)

Marcel vd Aa

AC Paint Guru
Aug 28, 2008
You and eager to win Keith? Can't remember that :D
But all things aside, yes the friday night events have come a long way and although I am not racing as much as when they first started (yes I consider myself part of the old guard too), these races are always in my consideration when i decide what to race in a week. The friday night races have really matured to something which in my view defines RD, nice and friendly social events with a lot of competitive driving. So thanks to all people who put in a lot of effort to give us these events :D

Jarrod Keen

Sep 4, 2008
There are still 2 spots open for tomorrow night's STCC race. This isn't normal as we usually have a full field by wednesday, so I'd take advantage of it and get into the event.... Full grids, nice guys, good racing, great track and really fun and competitive cars. Also a great skin pack to go along with the event. They'll be running the skin pack that we'll be using for the ATCC league this fall. May I suggest stopping by Team Gulf's garage and pay homage to the Blue and Orange....

Michael Carver

Apr 7, 2009
There isn't much I can add to what has already been said about the pre-season ATCC races (and the future ATCC season). It's been some time between my online sim-racing "careers" (Grand Prix Legend eons ago). I have run a a fair number of Mini Club events and participated in the last few events of an official RD League. While they all had their ups, they also had their -- wouldn't it be nice, but what if's.

This group's comradery, spirit, laid-backness (but don't think non-competitive) atmosphere make this a great bunch of sim-racers. It brings back fond memories of my online Grand Prix Legends (serious, but not dead serious and definitely not cut-throat).

Each event has gotten better that the previous. As Jarrod has said, the cars we are running are fairly evenly balanced (some are better suited for certain tracks or driving styles). I cut my online GTR Evo teeth with the Mini's. The WTCC/STCC cars are a great step-up without losing that close racing.

Get your feet wet and check us out (the next event has moved to the Supported Leagues - American Touring Car Championship thread).