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Asw 2.0 brings optimization to ACC

No it's an auto update, are you fellas running acc in 45 asw, or are you able to hold 90 fps? It is very noticeable for me, I had wiggly jaggies and tearing that are dramatically reduced now...

Granted these were apparent only in taxing situations for the most part, start of race, sun set in traffic, ect.

You should also notice subtle improvements to the clarity when moving your head in the Oculus Home as well.

It sounds like perhaps there was a delay in rolling out ASW 2.0 to everyone, and honestly I am not 100% sure if ACC truly does support it yet, as there is no list available of confirmed titles. Its also challenging because the event I was using to benchmark (1st special event Lambo at Nurb GP) was removed and replaced with an SRO esports thing. So I had to do a custom event with the same cars, track, time ect.

But from the article it sounds like "most titles on the Unreal 4 Engine" now support ASW 2.0....Should be alot more news this week on ASW 2.0 I imagine.

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