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Aston Martin, Toyota & ByKolles Commit to 2020 HyperCar Regulations

Why you hate bop? It adjusts everything needed. Look at the Blancpain GT, almost everyone can win, and the whole filed is really really tight. Amazing races all the time.
BoP does not belong to endurance racing. Endurance racing should not be about close racing, it should be about drivers who stay focused for a long time and engineers capable of building car both reliable to withstand long race and with a great performance.

P.S.: You can understand "should" as "in my opinion". ;)
Everyone bagging against BOP has missed the point: BOP essentially is a defacto cost cap. No one is going to spend 20 times their competitor just to have that advantage nullified by BOP.

The problem with the WEC (and most racing, in general) is a lack of entries because of spiraling costs. BOP is how the ACO is fighting that. It's not primarily about maintaining parity, it's about removing the incentive to spend an arse-load of money, making the category more attractive to more manufacturers.

Every single person saying it shouldn't have any BOP and whoever builds the best car should win is living in a fairy tale. The only reason it works in F1 is because of its market share (and, arguably, it barely works there). It simply doesn't work in any other series at this day in age; motorsport is, generally, in decline as far as the fanbase is concerned so budgets can't be stupid or no one will participate because the ROI isn't there. Sport is a business, end of.

Take your BOP, or lose your sport. It's as simple as that. Gone are the glory days, and they're never coming back. I'd love that to be false, but it simply isn't. Our sport isn't popular enough anymore, that's just how it is.
We know what BoP is... But the utter lack of competence has destroyed F1 and WEC. IndyCar and IMSA have vastly superior feel for balanced power. The FIA have done nothing but insure that the wealthiest teams are in the lead no matter what.
You can hardcap in regulations - indeed they *did* in the initial hypecar tech regs; heavy engines, aero hard limits so there's no point spending billions to get tiny gains, power caps, equality in the hybrid system. I thought they did it rather well, actually, and I was looking forward to seeing what people came up with.

Saturday showed what a complete farce BoP in endurance racing is - punished for success, no way of recovering. BoP extends everywhere or it doesn't work; pitstop strategy, tyre choice, all the events beyond driving which make up endurance racing, There's no saving the cars because they are just overbuilt so there's no spare performance if there's a delay for a car ( and no risk balancing there ) as demonstrated on the weekend. To a great degree the race is decided before it even begins. There is no strategy in sprint races so it does work better there; blancpain try hard to make everything a sprint with their SC abuse so even their long races are the same but theres no room for strategy in Blancpain anyway.

Form an orderly line, take your regulated pitstops at your regulated intervals; you at the front; slow down, the others can't keep up. Racing for beaurocrats.

You can't argue BoP is cost capping anything with GT cars costing the way they are now. Spec parts ( at least specifications ) reduce costs, not BoP.
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