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Aston Martin AMR21 | 2021 mod for F1 2018

Skins Aston Martin AMR21 | 2021 mod for F1 2018 2021-07-31

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7med submitted a new resource:

Aston Martin AMR21 | 2021 mod for F1 2018 - The AMR21 using mercedes 2018 chassis

P.S : Please Consider a Donation so I can continue doing what I love and give me some motivation :)

This mod is based on @Karan. original mod but I change quit a bit
-changed the colors(copied from the 2021 game textures)
-changed the sponsors on the nose
-made the halo green
-added the the dark green stripes on the side of the chassis(it's hard to see just like in real life but you can clearly see it in the textures :) )

You can say this this mod is a behind the...

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Why not adding sponsors to halo?
It would be great if I'm able too but using the merc 2018 chassis means that in the texture the halo is so small that you can add a single color only and if you add word to it, it would be unreadable and just a mess