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Aston at Spa MoTeC reference lap 2.18.392

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To get near the top you currently need 2.18.63 average laptime.

Here is the MoTeC file of a 2.18.392 on a simulated 2nd lap of the stint. Personally the first lap is usually a bit slower than that(2-3 tenths) then laptimes are getting a little bit worse and worse on laps 3-4-5 drifting towards 2.18.high.


Sadly to be able to generate a MoTeC file you need to be running outside the special event. To reproduce the exact event conditions :

Single player hotstint
5 PM
Cloud cover 30%
Ambient temperature 28C
Grip level Fast

Load the safe or aggressive preset and enable telemetry output in the electronics page while changing nothing else obviously. To have a time delta to your own lap in MoTeC, display this 2.18.392 as reference lap, add your own lap as an overlay and activate the variance plot(F3). You will see where the time is lost or gained over the lap. Good luck.

I'm personally curious to see where the time is lost for the people who are 0.75-1.5 seconds off and in that wondering how the hell do I go faster now phase. So if you feel like posting a variance graph go ahead.
Not open for further replies.