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Sell Assorted Sim bits

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Marketplace' started by dynt, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. dynt

    RDRC Rally Champion Premium

    I have decided to have a clear out as the amount of excess bits has got a bit out of control
    I have the following for sale.
    1.G25 with G27 pedals and G25 shifter. Extras to include nixim brake mod and wheel adaptor and
    320 mm momo replica perfect starter kit 175 euros.
    3. t500 with pedals extra to include conical brake mod, wheel adaptor and 320mm wheel. 365 euros
    4. I have 3 frex shiftes.
    A. Standard 100 EUROS
    B Spring mod medium spring and switch 125
    C. Spring mod very strong and switch and gear nob 145

    Frex shifters dont come with a usb connection as standard they can connect to any dsd or arduino or compatible board.
    I can supply with pre programmed arduino uno for 15 euros extra.

    5. Thrustmaster ferrari leather wheel 85 euros.
    6. Hydraulic hanbrake 100 euros or 115 with Arduino board pluG and play.
    7. Fanatec handbrake with upgraded potentiometer and Arduino board. 115 euros
    8. Track Ir top kit 85 euros.

    All parts are in Europe i ship via ems which is cheapest way to ship with tracking.
    20161020_095337 (Large).jpg 20161020_095337 (Large).jpg 20161020_102053 (Large).jpg 20161020_102249 (Large).jpg 20161020_102430 (Large).jpg 20161020_103840 (Large).jpg 20161020_104028 (Large).jpg 20161020_104057 (Large).jpg 20161020_104057 (Large).jpg 20161020_104854 (Large).jpg 20161020_104911 (Large).jpg 20161020_104946 (Large).jpg