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Assetto Corsa: Win Premium with Alfa Romeo GTA


Apr 1, 2011
Alfa GTA.jpg

Join us for some epic four wheeled (and occasionally three wheeled) Italian racing for Assetto Corsa's Australian Club!

Starting on Saturday the 11th of April, RaceDepartment's Australian Assetto Corsa racing club will be hosting a series of five races for the awesome little Alfa Romeo GTA, which is sure to be some of the best and closest bumper to bumper racing ever seen. Races will be held every Saturday night starting at 20:00 AEST (GMT +10), and each race will aim to be between 25-30 minutes in duration.

Win and gift a free month of Premium to a friend
The winner of each race will be awarded one free month of Premium Membership to gift to a fellow non-premium member to give them the chance to see just what they're missing the longer they sit on the fence!

Each track will be announced on the Friday evening before the race takes place the following day, except for the final round (round five), which will conclude the mini-series on the 9th of May at the infamous Nurburgring Nordschleife.

If you've been sitting on the fence of Assetto Corsa club racing, then now is the time to get off it and get stuck in, because this is sure to be an epic little series, with great banter and even better racing!

More information
For more information, head over to the Sign Up thread, where you can get involved in this and many other awesome club events taking place everyday here at RaceDepartment.
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