Assetto Corsa v1.6 & JDM Car Pack Released

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Will you purchase the Japanese DLC pack?

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  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    AC JDLC.jpg
    Assetto Corsa has today updated to version 1.6 bringing a host of new features alongside pre-Alpha Virtual Reality support and the Japanese DLC Car Pack.

    Backed by a sizable changelog perhaps the hot topic of today's new update is the surprise inclusion of the pre-alpha support for Virtual Reality headsets, a move inspired by the recent Kunos community questionnaire asking what features community members wish to see included in the title.

    Other notable additions in the latest update includes the new addition of 4 wheel steering courtesy of the Nissan Skyline and Mazda RX7 as well as a work in progress All-Wheel-Drive transmission code.

    As well as today's update, Assetto Corsa fans can now purchase the much anticipated Japanese Car Pack which features 7 new Japanese vehicles including the Mazda MX-5 Cup racing car and Nissan GT-R R34 Skyline V-Spec.

    Japanese Car Pack full car list:
    • Mazda MX-5 2015
    • Mazda MX-5 CUP
    • Mazda RX-7 Spirit R + tuned version
    • Toyota Supra MK IV + time attack and drift version
    • Toyota AE86 Trueno + tuned and drift version
    • Nissan 370Z NISMO 2016
    • Nissan GT-R R34 Skyline V-Spec

    Changelog 1.6.0
    • Oculus Rift SDK 1.3 (WIP Pre Alpha) – Fixed self shadowing on tyres
    • Fixed wrong log output
    • Dynamic controllers for turbo boost
    • Added RPMS input to dynamic controllers – Implementation of Scalable Apps
    • Fixed replay Interface
    • Fixed setup info screen
    • Fixed race non progression when player is not moving
    • Improved MP collision system
    • Improved AI fuel handling
    • Fixed Hotlap Mode unlocking achievement through not valid laps – Fixed deltaT for renderAudio
    • Bodywork and horn volumes uses engineVolume – Bodywork’s smoothvalue use a different alpha
    • Added analogic placeholder for car modellers
    • Added option to draw driver’s label on focused car (system\cfg\name_displayer.ini -> DRAW_FOCUSEDCAR)
    • Fixed CameraCar bad nearplane when forcing camera mode change (see exiting from replay)
    • Implementation of Chat App (system\cfg\chat_app.ini)
    • SharedMemory: Moved AirTemp/RoadTemp from Static to Physics, old values in static are deprecated
    • Timing use also the hour/minutes format
    • Fixed GoToPits Cheat to start from the pits.
    • Added 4 Wheel Steer systems (Nissan Skyline , Mazda RX7)
    • acServerManager : storing Driver data also save the current model/skin, so through drag&drop the saved skin can be used on a new slot)
    • Added flags indications for completed session in leaderboards
    • F9 overlay leaderboard is now avoiding red colours for better differentiation of opponent proximity indicators
    • Added new [ASSETTO_CORSA] SIMULATION_VALUE parameter. Increase the number to increase simulation value. Defaults to 0 for obvious reasons
    • Engine performance is now dependent on air density/temperature
    • New AWD transmission code, still WIP (Nissan Skyline & Alfa 155)
    • Fixed pitstop window not appearing when AI retired some car
    • Experimental heating corrections on semislick tyres for Lotus 2-11, Exige Scura, Exige 240 and S3, Lotus Elise SC, KTM X-Bow, Mazda MX5 ND, Toyota AE86 Tuned and Drift
    • BOP for GT3 cars
    • Improved Mercedes AMG GT3 data

    Important Notes

    How to Use the Oculus CV1 in Assetto Corsa:
    Assetto Corsa includes the first pre-alpha support for Oculus for in-game sessions. Run Oculus Home, select “settings”, “general” and enable “Unknown sources”. Then, launch Assetto Corsa: using the launcher, in options/video/display select “Oculus WIP support” as rendering mode. Then, set your favourite driving session, click the start button and put on your Oculus. Once the session is loaded, you can use the mouse pointer to navigate the in-game menu and use and set the apps as you like.

    Using Oculus with Microsoft Xbox-One Pad/Steering Wheel:
    Regardless of the controller you use with Assetto Corsa, in this version you need a mouse/keyboard to control the GUI and access the ESC menu.

    By default, Assetto Corsa does not yet feature sounds through the Oculus headset. To use it, you need to enable the Rift headset in your Windows settings. To do it, right click on the speaker icon (you can find the icon in the bottom-right of your Windows desktop) and set Rift headset as default playing device.

    Driver position:
    Press CTRL+SPACE to reset the driver position using the Oculus. Using other driving devices, you can reset the driver position pressing look left + look right commands at the same time.

    You can reduce/increase the brightness pressing PgUp/PgDn.

    The Japanese Car Pack DLC is available to purchase from the steam store now for £3.99. For a limited period of time gamers can save 40% off the retail price on the title and pick the game up for just £17.99.

    Keep an eye out for some great new community created skins for these latest cars in our RaceDepartment Assetto Corsa Mods section.

    RaceDepartment hold many great racing events using the Assetto Corsa software, check out our Assetto Corsa Racing Club for your chance to book a place on the grid at one of our many great racing nights.

    AC Japanese DLC - RX7.jpg AC Japanese DLC - Supra 2.jpg AC Japanese DLC - Supra.jpg AC Japanese DLC .jpg AC Japanese DLC 2.jpg AC Japanese DLC 3.jpg AC Japanese DLC 5.jpg AC Japanese DLC 7.jpg

    Have you tried the new update and DLC pack yet? What is your car of choice from the new pack? Do you think the CV1 support has been successful? Let us know in the comments section below!
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  2. Jake Adams

    Jake Adams

    Im liking the MX5 cup and ND and the RX7's. Fun cars
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  3. Matt Orr

    Matt Orr

    $5, nice price point.
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  4. Lennart Groessl

    Lennart Groessl

    I like both versions of the Braaaaapppp Braaaaapa, very nice to drive! The ND Cup and ND street are also fun :) I would give this pack a 8.5/10
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    I've not tried it yet... too busy writing articles !! :D

    Tonight's job to get on the rig and have some fun... looking forward to it a LOT!
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    has anyone been able to get refunds from Kunos? I'm very disappointed in the fact I wasted 5 bucks on this pack.....none of the cars are fun to drive, and to boot they have too much damn grip....+ all the servers have too many assists making multiplayer a big bore.
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  7. Brownninja97


    Yeah because you can go to a shop and buy a Pepsi, drink some of it then demand a refund because you expected it to be Coke
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  8. Cristian Haba

    Cristian Haba

    The alternative is the site you're on in regards to MP being a bore. It also depends if you only drive street cars. But this is not only relevant to AC, but also all the other sims.

    PS for refunds please see the official forums, or steam help.

    @Brownninja97 no need for that, this is why we can't have nice things in the AC forum.

    Before this gets too rowdy, please stay on point. OP is about the new released pack, thoughts, feelings etc. Keep it civil.
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  9. Cristian Haba

    Cristian Haba

    Im more interested in some of the small game improvements. 4 wheel steer we may see some Porsche in the future maybe, engine performance dependent on air temp/density (woah!), experimental heating on some tires. They're moving slowly but they are moving stubborn as they may be.
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  10. Lorenzo Bonder

    Lorenzo Bonder
    Wah wah. Premium

    What Haba said. Stay on topic folks.
  11. Brownninja97


    sorry for above

    If porsche came i could die a happy man(after i drive them of course). That performance dependency on the air temp and density is very interesting, i wonder if that might mean hillclimbs. There is some interesting variables that they are adding.
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  12. Paul Blythe

    Paul Blythe

    Only just downloaded the new pack, looking forward to trying the Mazda's, the Supra Mk IV and 370Z :D
  13. Eyud


    I'm curious about this four wheel steering stuff. I looked into it a bit and I found some information on DTSS in the FC, but I haven't seen any mention of a similar system in the FD. Anyone know?

    Anyway, can't wait to get home and try this stuff out tonight. The RX-7, Supra, and GT-R were all dream cars for me in the 90s. The RX-7 still is. :)
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  14. Queequeg


    Fair price point considering there is no track in this pack. I am very much looking forward to the cars though, especially the RX-7 and AE86. I am downloading as I write this:)


    Edit: Props for the sense of humour, Kunos!
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  15. paracletus


    Raced a bunch of wankels, lots of crashes but good car.
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  16. Pablo Cortes

    Pablo Cortes

    the engine performance addition is so awesome! next brake heat performance!
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  17. Matt Orr

    Matt Orr

    Someone on BSR was talking about cars being in different classes and stuff, something that always has interested me as obviously cars are better when they have friends.

    Brands GP, Green circuit, 20 C. All semi slick tires (as per default) and default out of box setup. No TC, ABS where applicable.
    Mazda RX-7 Spirit R : 1:43.647
    Honda NSX-R S1 : 1:44.033 (Some1's mod, includes semi slicks)
    Toyota Supra MkIV : 1:44.498
    Nissan 370Z Nismo : 1:45.313
    Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 V-Spec : 1:46.539
    Honda NSX-R : 1:48.282 (Some1's mod, 90s street tires only)

    I'm sure I can improve those times, and I'm sure tweaking the sets would shave more time, but a run down from what I've seen for giggles.

    -Surprised how slow the 370 was. On entry that car really wants to step out - not even really oversteer, just out of shape. It feels faster, but at the end it isn't...
    -Supra has tremendous brakes, and godlike turn in even if it doesn't feel like it. FFB is numb - I'm sure traced back to it's suspension geometry and Toyota-ness. Seriously, you flip this thing into the corner and it just "does". Probably the easiest car to drive - it's on rails.
    -RX7 is nutzo. It goes, it stops (not as well as the Supra though), it turns. Fantastic car, and it sounds pretty awesome too - it's being strangled for life. Couldn't help but notice the odometer said 54347 or something like that, so I guess it's literally about to blow up. :p
    -R34 feels like a turd. It's big, fat, heavy, lumbers around, does nothing particularly well. I feel there is more time left in that time than the other laps but I can't be bothered. Easily the most disappointing car from the pack.

    With the NSX tossed in there though there are a fair few cars "reasonably" close together on lap time from Japan. I want to think the 1M and the Z4 (depending on tires) might be in the same performance zone, as could be the 4C and one of the Lotii, but they generate lap time so differently I wouldn't really consider them pals anyways.
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  18. Glaurung


    I've just tried the stock AE86 in a server with Black Cat County short layout, and damn, this car is so fun as ugly :roflmao:, I can barely imagine what the drift and the tuned versions set aside....
    The Mx5 cup instead act just as a little race car: nimble and reactive, though low powered, perfect for door-to-door MP races.
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  19. led00m

    Sim racer, kart racer and an academic

    Hi all,

    Just downloaded the JMD pack to run the mx5 cup car with much excitement but the car has 0 power when i shift into any gear. The revs rise very slowly in 1st then drop very quickly when i shift to 2nd. Anyone else have this issue? Seems to be happening with all of the h pattern cars other than the 70's f1 :(
  20. Epistolarius


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