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Assetto Corsa Thrustmaster T500RS Settings

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Kevin Cox, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Kevin Cox

    Kevin Cox

    Hi guys.

    I hope this helps anyone with the T500RS to get a better FFB feel. I think it feels pretty good IMO.

    T500 Control Panel:
    Overall Strength = 100%
    Constant = 100%
    Periodic = 100%
    Spring = 0%
    Damper = 0%
    Auto centre = by the game (Recommended)

    In game settings:
    Force feedback = 45%
    Filter = 0%

    With these settings the wheel also centers itself much quicker as people have been saying with the T500 the wheel doesn't seem to center properly.
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  2. xisque


    Great settings!!!
  3. Dan Allinson

    Dan Allinson

    What wheel rotation are you using Kevin ?
  4. Pablo Polidoro

    Pablo Polidoro

    bump ... kevin do u still suggest these settings???

    atm i really don't like cornering, especially on 458 italia ...
  5. Jake Adams

    Jake Adams

    Heres my set for the T500
    Rot. 900
    Overall Str. 55
    Constant 65
    Periodic 75
    spring and Damper 0
    Auto ctr by game

    In game
    gain 115
    filter .52
    try it with the tatuus
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2013
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  6. Dux


    It's not the proper place for me to ask it but i cannot see another.

    I am using Logitech Formula Force FX wheel for which i have only best comments. It is down only to the fact that most of it is made of plastic and not steel like G25 or G27 and that it turns only 90 degrees, while in anything else i would rank it as just equal and i would never change it unless its broken.

    However i have big problem, not that big when i compare it with rFactor 2, although in rF2 ALSO is required wheel with more degrees of turning, but somehow i did it and its quite perfect there. But the problem i have with AC is that i put it on 90 degrees and yet when i make slight movements with the s.wheel, ingame the s.wheel is turning either more or its very sensitive.

    I am not very positive that any solution will be found unless i buy new steering wheel which will be more suitable for AC. I was optimistic that someone can tell me something about how to do it, some setup or something, anything.
  7. Marcel Hulsbergen

    Marcel Hulsbergen
    #111 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

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  8. vintage


    Sorry to use this post but I am trying to reach Bram concerning the Group to race on Assetto corsa... but I have not find any method to contact him..!!!?.

    I am in Malaysia and need to Ping the serveur IP to determine if the lag will be "acceptable" otherwise my participation would be creating too much problems...

    Thank you for asking him to contact me directly at : frank.decan@gmail.com

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  9. Tony Gentile

    Tony Gentile

  10. Skazz


    I thought it had been proven that anything above 60% overall in drivers will cause clipping, or has that changed in the latest drivers?

    I'm running 60/100/100/0/0 in drivers and 50-55% in game and still getting occasional clipping according to the 4th bar in the UI pedal app which shows force saturation levels.
  11. Jean-Marc Dallaire

    Jean-Marc Dallaire

    Thank you guys for providing these settings. I will try them and see which one is best suited for my rig and driving style.

  12. Terry Rock

    Terry Rock

    You guys use 100% overall for the T500RS?
    You must have arms like steel workers.
    I use 55% overall, Constant 100, Periodic 100, Spring 20, Damper 5, Auto Center set by game (default 12)...with 540 degrees rotation.
    Those settings feel amazing in everything.
    You can feel ever single undulation on the road's surface, without it trying to rip your arms off.
    My only complaint for the T500RS is the static paddles.
    It not too bad with open wheelers where the turning radius keeps you close to centerline relative to the paddles.
    My big issue is that I keep missing the paddles during big turns with road cars.
    Hopefully my F458 rim will be here on Monday morning to fix that.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2017
  13. BhZ


    I heard that now, with the 1.0RC, the wheel setting is not the same like before, so which is the new setting that works in this release?
  14. Sk3ptik0n


    It's easy to remove the static paddles. It's the first thing I did. Look in youtube for the instructions.

    interesting that you are using 45%, I left that al;one but keep the others at 80% and 0% do you think using 45% is that much better? I'll try it.
  15. Terry Rock

    Terry Rock

    Quite a few guys seem to turn FFB forces past 65-70...some like the FFB max on the T500RS.
    I personally find between 50-60 just right for me.
    Almost all new racing cars have power-assisted steering, so they're not ripping your arms out of the sockets.
    While most older cars needed a bit more effort, the steering input was not 'jarring'.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/s5hilmx3u0osctj/ScreenHunter_238 Oct. 28 04.59.gif?dl=0

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/8v5j2qkvpbj63us/ScreenHunter_239 Oct. 28 05.00.gif?dl=0
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2017
  16. Carlos Panades

    Carlos Panades

    I am hardly trying to figure out a way to setup my T500 in a way that feels good, but no success. I think the best feeling is with the following settings but I still feel the "contrary force" is missing when power sliding a car. The average feel with other settings was good, as long as the car is under control, but the minor mistake that leads the car to start oversteering or entering a power slide, made the wheel too strong and thus, hard to control and do corrections, resulting in an unnatural feel (never drove a real race car but it feels like). With this setup, the wheel is much more linear, in all situations, but it lacks rotation speed in auto centering, which is the "contraty force" I was mentioning. What do you guys think? This is the best I could achieve. Any way to make it better?

    I use the Anti FFB clipping tool and I adjust every car values accordingly.
    T500 driver:
    Gain 40%
    Constant 92%
    Periodic 75%
    Spring and Damper 0%
    Adjust by the game 12% (default)
    900ยบ of rotation

    In Game:
    Gain 100%
    Filter and Damping 0%
    Minimum Force 8%
    Kerbs 70%
    Road and Slide Effects 0%
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  17. Igor Trendafilovski

    Igor Trendafilovski

    Hi guys,

    Can you give me some tips on the wheel settings for the T500RS F1 Add-on wheel?

    I am looking to set it up both in the Wheel Control Panel & the in-game settings.

    Currently ive tried the above settings and I really struggle to gain a confident feeling of the car, where I especially struggle under braking and the turn in point where i get oversteer all the time.
    I know that this is also setup related, but even when I am happy with the overall balance of the car, I cannot feel confident because of the lack of feeling.
    Sometimes for example, in Spa on a quick corner like Eau Rouge or under braking on the Kemmel Straight the car just snaps out and goes into oversteer without any chance for me to make any type of correction. This happens even when I am not pushing the car to the limit. Thanks guys
  18. cthiggin


    Hello folks,
    This 67 year old guy needs some understanding and relationships between the TS500 Control Panel / AC Controls Panel / and setting in actual track-car.

    I have read so many threads and watched videos on correctly setting up the TS500 FFB Settings that it is ALL a blur now. One thing I am sure of, it all boils down to user preference.......

    1. TS500 Control Panel (understand how to make adjustment etc.)

    2. In AC, at the controls page - I see the different areas, such as wheel rotation, gain, etc., however, in changing those in AC, do they "change or over-ride" what you have set in the TS Control Panel????

    3. When you have chosen a track and vehicle, and started, you go to the setup screen, and under GENERIC, it says FFB - 100% - GAIN - 100% - do these "over-ride" what has been set in the TS Control Panel AND in the AC Controls Screen.

    I just cannot get my head around the relationship that these three areas work together or separately.

    Your help would be highly appreciated.

  19. Rick Malm

    Rick Malm

    Maybe nothing new to you since you have been researching this subject but it might help you if you find the DIView.exe and watch what the S500 feeds to windows.

    I think having the ability to make changes in the game just makes its faster to get to the
    control vs having to ATL-TAB to get out of AC to make the change.

    As you know you can change the T500 control panel rotation/angle you will limit the
    amount of rotation it takes to create from 0 to 64k the digital input value to windows
    I am sure you have tested this and a change to a lower value limits the amount the wheel
    will rotate but you still get 0 to 64k values passed to the software. If you then make another change in AC you might be limiting the resolution but you dont change the lock point.
    I never limit the steering in AC and just leave it at 100%. Why bother but my guess is that

    The gain panel had to do with force feedback and I just take others recommendations and
    tweek based on feel and I assume that changing either the T500 panel or AC advanced left column with change the feel.

    ts500 wheel.jpg

    ts500 gain.jpg

    AC main.jpg

    ac advanced.jpg
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2015
  20. cthiggin


    Hi Rick,
    Thanks so very very much for your reply and very helpful information.....
    Let's see if I can make a correct statement:
    In using "your" settings in the TM Control Panel, then move to your settings in AC Controls, and name and save.............then I can use the FFB100% and Gain 100% in the Car Section under general
    to make changes I want - right as I'm driving then resume??? If I'm correct, this is a breeze to do.

    Of course, I am aware that I can tweak to hearts content, but in general, I can make the necessary changes with FFB and Gain in the car setup section after selecting track/car/and Start???

    Thanks again......."me" thinks I mostly have my head around it and do understand.