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Assetto Corsa server help Talktalk

Hi everyone,

So I would like some help with setting up a server for myself and family so that we can race together. I have looked at the YouTube videos and what they show I do understand. The trouble is my router doesn't have the exact options that are shown in the videos. eg

adding port mapping
under protocol I don't have the option of TCP/UDP

Also in the video the guy said he has advanced mode on his router, I'm not sure if I have this. He has Vodafone router where as I have Talktalk.

This is what my router page looks like and the options that are available

Super Router - Google Chrome 15_03_2021 18_10_06.png
Super Router - Google Chrome 15_03_2021 18_11_54.png

Any help would be great

Thanks Richard

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