Assetto Corsa: RDVFAC: Round 7 Recap - Monza

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    Watch the Recap Video Here!

    The seventh and final round of RaceDepartment's inaugural Assetto Corsa league drew to a close on Saturday evening at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, the track with the highest average speed on the calendar.

    Qualifying saw reigning champion Sun Levi claim pole position, however not with the same level of advantage he held at the previous round. Position two was claimed by Akis Kevrekidis, three tenths down on Levi's time. In most cases, three tenths is a rather large amount, however considering the dominance shown by Levi this season, especially over single lap pace, a gap of this amount is considered relatively close.

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    The start of the race saw Kevrekidis swamped by several drivers into the first corner, however, Kevrekidis revealed this was a tactical decision in a bid to avoid excessive graining on his rear tyres. Further down the grid, a collision between Jamie Pyatt and Noel Spence created a domino-effect, resulting in several drivers further back obtaining varying levels of damage as the first chicane resembled that of a parking lot, rather than a race track.

    From the first few laps it became clear that Levi and Stacey had the pace to pull away from the rest of the chasing pack. With some hard fought battles happening all over the field, it became apparent that the curbing on the exit of the second Lesmo was particularly aggressive which meant drivers had to avoid it entirely, or risk having an accident as it was capable of destabilizing the light open wheelers. Many drivers played dare with the curb and lost, including Stacey, Talent, Trooper and Dimov.

    At the end of the race it was a familiar face yet again leading home the pack in Sun Levi, meaning he's taken the race win at every single meeting this season. When it's all said and done, Levi can look back on this season as an incredibly successful first campaign in competitive league racing. Aside from the 100% strike rate of winning races, there's one particular statistic that jumps off the page, and that's that of the 108 total racing laps that occurred this season, Levi lead for 100 of them, meaning he lead an astonishing 93% of all racing laps.

    We hope you've enjoyed reading and watching the highlights from the previous two rounds of the RDVFAC, and we'll be back in a few months time bigger and better than ever, with a new series, new cars, some new faces, and one man with a bulls-eye well and truly engraved on his back...

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    What a season! Awesome job once again guys! :thumbsup:
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    The Lesmos sure do love me don't they? :p
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    I do not usually watch video while around ... But it's really well done editing and narration, impeccable, professional quality.

    Nice job!
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    Really nice job on the article and the video ! Thanks for keeping us up to date. Looks like you all had a great time with some excellent racing. Too bad Australian time is a bit rough for me☺
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    Enjoyable race, excellent presentation on RD.
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    @Chris Stacey and @David Armstrong great job guys, I love these videos!
    Shame I made a mistake and couldn't finish the race which was not the best finish of the season but these videos add a lot of value so please keep them coming in the future league/s :)

    Top job!
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