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Assetto Corsa: Pre-War Race Cars & Tracks (1919-1940)

This is my attempt at creating a list of all the Car & Tracks for Assetto Corsa from the Pre WW2 Era (1900-1940). Please feel free to share any that I have missed. I hope this thread becomes an awesome resource and collection of all the Pre-War mods available for AC.

Tracks (9):
1928 Opal Rennbahn
(Rating A+)

1930s Monaco
(Rating A-)
You can find the link in this video's description:

1930s Monza
(Rating A)
You can find the link in this video's description:

1930s Bremgarten
(Rating B)
You can find the link in this video's description:

1932 Lost Heaven (from Mafia game)
(Rating B+)
You can find the link in this video's description:

1934 Napoli
(Rating A)
The mod creator's forum thread here on Racedepartment:

1937 AVUS
(Rating: B-)
The link is located on this page: https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/1937-auto-union-type-c-wip.171993/page-6

1938 Donington Park
(Rating: A+)

1939 Deutschlandring
(Rating A+)

Cars (19):
1923 Car Pack (Sunbeam GP, Fiat 805, Delage 2LCV, Voisin C6, Bugatti Type 32, Rolland-Pilain A22)
(Rating: A+ [one of the greatest mod packs in sim racing history])

1927 Delage 15S8
(Rating: A+ [if you like the 1923 cars, this is very similar just with more oomph...).

1928 Mercedes Benz SSK
(Rating: B [Not great])
Search: " assetto land mercedes benz"

1931 Bentley Blower
(Rating: A)
Search: "assetto land bentley"

1931 Bugatti Type 51
(Rating: D [FFB doesn't really exist])
Search: "geroda74 1931 buggati asseto corsa"

1937 Auto Union Type C
(Rating: A [Amazing, FFB feels incredible])

1937 Maserati 8 CTF
(Rating: A-)
Search: "assetto land maserati"

1937 Mercedes Benz W125
(Rating: A-)
Search: "assettocorsamods mercedes benz w125"

1937 ERA Type B
(Rating: A-)
Search: "velosmodsworkshop era"

1937 Alfa Romeo 12C
(Rating B+)
Search: "assetto land alfa romeo"

1938 Auto Union Type D
(Rating: A)
Search: "assetto land other"

1939 Mercedes Benz W154
(Rating: B-)
Search: "assetto land mercedes benz"

1939 ZIS 101A Sport
(Rating: C [FFB is a bit weird])
Search: "1939 ZIS 101A Sport Gt Supreme Asseto Corsa" that should pull it up.

1940 Ford Coupe
(Rating: C+ [A modern tuned version of a 1940 Coupe])
Search: "assetto land ford"

So there is an exciting new mod developer who I just discovered recently: Casual Sim Studios/A Casual Sim Racer. He is currently working on the following (the packs will be paid content, while the individual cars, as I understand, will be free):

Dawn of Speed Pack: 1886 Mercedes, 1906 Itala 35/40, 1906 Renault GP, 1906 Locomobile, 1907 Itala 36/45.

1924 Bugatti T35

1934 GP Pack: Bugatti T59, Maserati 8CM, Alfa Romeo P3, Auto Union Type A, and Mercedes W25.

1937 Mercedes Benz W25 Streamliner
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Are there any 1904,1905 Mercedes mods available?
Absolutely love racing the 1923 cars (huge thanks to all the modders who created them) This is not really a mod ,it just adds some atmosphere for a bit of fun.