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Assetto Corsa Mini Season | Round 6 | Spa

Discussion in 'PS4 | Thursday Night GT Championship' started by LIAMATTHURSO, Sep 9, 2017.

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    Race Details

    • Time: 1pm
    • Laps: 26
    • Temperature: 22c
    • Tyre wear: 200%
    • Fuel rate: 100%

    The Track


    Designed in 1920 by Jules de Thier and Henri Langlois Van Ophem, the original triangle-shaped course used public roads between the Belgian towns of Francorchamps, Malmedy, and Stavelot. The track was intended to have hosted its inaugural race in August 1921, however this event had to be cancelled as there was only one entrant. The first car race was held at the circuit in 1922, and two years later saw the first running of the now famous 24 Hours of Francorchamps race. The circuit was first used for Grand Prix racing in 1925. The old race track continued through the now-straightened Kemmel curves to the highest part of the track (104 metres above the lowest part), then went downhill into Les Combes, a fast, slightly banked downhill left-hander towards Burnenville, passing this village in a fast right hand sweep. Near Malmedy. Spa is located in the Belgian Ardennes countryside, and the old circuit was (and still is) used as everyday public road, and there were houses, trees, electric poles, barnyards, fields and other obstacles located right next to the track. Before 1970, there were no safety modifications of any kind done to the circuit and the conditions of the circuit were, aside from a few straw bales, virtually identical to everyday civilian use. Former Formula One racing driver and team owner Jackie Oliver was quoted as saying "if you went off the road, you didn't know what you were going to hit". Spa was the fastest road circuit in Europe at the time, and it had a nasty reputation for being dangerous and very fast- it was a circuit known to be one for the brave, and most drivers were frightened of it. The old Spa circuit was unique in that speeds were consistently high with hardly any let-up at all for 3–4 minutes. This made it an extraordinarily difficult mental challenge, because most of the corners were taken at 180+ mph and were not quite flat- every corner was as important as the one before it. If a driver lifted just that little bit more, then whole seconds, not tenths- would be lost. Even the slightest error of any kind was punished very harshly in more ways than one. But this reality also worked inversely- huge advantages could be gained if a driver came out of a corner slightly faster. Like the Nürburgring and Le Mans circuits, Spa became notorious for fatal accidents, as there were many deaths each year at the ultra-fast track, especially at the 1960 Belgian Grand Prix where 2 drivers, Chris Bristow and Alan Stacey were both killed within 15 minutes (although Stacey's accident was caused by a bird hitting him in the face) and Stirling Moss had crashed at Burnenville during practice and was severely injured. When Armco crash barriers were added to the track in 1970, deaths became less frequent there but the track was still notorious for other factors. The Ardennes Forest had very unpredictable weather and there were parts where it was raining and the track was wet, and other parts where the sun was shining and the track was completely dry. This factor was a commonality on long circuits, but the weather at Spa was always more unpredictable than other long circuits, combined with the fact that it was an ultra-high speed track with all but 1 corner (La Source) being extremely high speed made it one of, if not the most dangerous race track in the world. Multiple fatalities during the 1973 and 1975 24 Hours of Spa touring car races more or less sealed the old circuit's fate, and by 1978, the last year Spa was in its original form. In 1969, the Belgian Grand Prix was boycotted by F1 because of the extreme danger of Spa. There had been 10 racing fatalities in total at the track in the 1960s, including 5 in the 2 years previous. The drivers demanded changes made to Spa which were not possible on short notice, so the Belgian Grand Prix was dropped that year. Armco was added to the track and sections of it were improved (especially the Stavelot and Holowell sections), just like Armco had been added for the 1969 Le Mans race. One last race there the following year on the improved track was still not satisfactory enough (even after a temporary chicane was added at Malmedy just for that race) for the drivers in terms of safety, and even with the chicane, the drivers averaged 150+ mph (240 km/h) during the race. The most famous part of the circuit is the Eau Rouge / Raidillon combination. Having negotiated the La Source hairpin, drivers race down a straight to the point where the track crosses the Eau Rouge stream for the first time, before being launched steeply uphill into a sweeping left-right-left collection of corners with a blind summit. The 2005 and 2006 F1 World Champion Fernando Alonso explained: "You come into the corner downhill, have a sudden change [of direction] at the bottom and then go very steep uphill. From the cockpit, you cannot see the exit and as you come over the crest, you don't know where you will land. It is a crucial corner for the timed lap, and also in the race, because you have a long uphill straight afterwards where you can lose a lot of time if you make a mistake.
    The Blanchimont high-speed left-hand turn, present in both the old 14 km circuit and the new, shorter, 7 km track, is the final sweeping corner of the track before the chicane, which leads to the pit straight.
    This turn and the approach to it have caused serious accidents over time, the most recent being in 2001, when Luciano Burti lost the front wing of his Prost due to a clash with Eddie Irvine's Jaguar, losing front downforce and steering, leaving the track at 185 mph (298 km/h) and piling into the tyre wall, the impact knocking him out and burying the car into a mound of tyres. Problems have also occurred in lower classes of racing with Tom Kristensen having a very violent crash in a Formula 3000 car in 1997 after running wide on the entry to the Blanchimont turn and subsequently hitting the wall effectively throwing the monocoque back out in the middle of the track, where it was hit by numerous cars before coming to a complete halt. Formula 1 returned to Spa for 2007, with a modified track layout. The Bus Stop chicane was moved back towards Blanchimont and the La Source hairpin moved forward. This allowed more space for the new pit lane. The modifications gave a longer start/finish straight. New asphalt runoff was added to the inside and outside of Les Combes for the 2010 race, in line with the prevailing trends at other Formula One circuits.


    Formation Lap


    Drivers will form up out of Blanchimont, and accelarate anywhere from the bus stop exit to the start line.


    What is the fastest car you have ever driven in real life?

    What is the slowest car you have ever driven?

    Will McLaren divorce Honda?
  2. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden

    A1: Ferrari 550 Maranello

    A2: mazda mx 5 or smart car with a misfire close call

    A3: yes hopefully as a Vandoorne fan this has gone on to long
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  3. Frank Finch

    Frank Finch
    TNGTC Broadcaster Premium

    What is the fastest car you have ever driven in real life?
    None, since I (still) don't have a drivers license :speechless:
    But the fastest car I have ever been in was a Bayside Blue Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-spec II on a road next to the Le Mans circuit.

    What is the slowest car you have ever driven?
    The slowest car I have ever been in was probably a Citroën 2CV.

    Will McLaren divorce Honda?
    With Sainz going to Renault, things have been set in motion. So yes, I think McLaren will finally say goodbye to Honda. It was simply not the chemistry they used to have in the past.
    If Toro Rosso is going to team up with Honda, they are doomed. Honda just might as well quit and make room for Porsche.
  4. Kike Luna

    Kike Luna

    What is the fastest car you have ever driven in real life?

    Ferrari F430

    What is the slowest car you have ever driven?

    Daewoo Kalos

    Will McLaren divorce Honda?

    Hope so. Here in Spain we are fed up with Honda.
  5. Adam Morris

    Adam Morris
    (TNGTC) #64 M3 GT3 - Bangers And Smash GT

    Important Message

    .After a brief discussion with a handful of drivers i have decided that i will not take part in the remaining 2 races for the Assetto Corsa mini-league, Mainly this is due to my lack of motivation to want to race on Assetto has been building for a while and with Project Cars 2 so close to release i feel that taking a break from Driving/Racing will be best way to come back to Project Cars 2 fresh and ready to rumble.

    Apology's to those drivers that still wanted to race, but even if i did race the numbers we have for that group make it that less enjoyable and the lack of drivers testing shows I'm not the only one wanting to wait till Project Cars 2 release.

    Thanks All, Really Looking Forward To The New Game and Racing with you all again.

    . Message for the new drivers who may be confused by this :) this was never taken seriously as a league it was there for the sole purpose of filling the gap from S5 to S6 as we mentioned before it started. trust me when i say once Project Cars 2 is released be prepared as you may be caught out by how much effort we put into this, as this group is very competitive when it comes to the proper league once we get started with Practice and getting ready for S6 ect you will soon see a change in how this group operates from driver to driver. Nobody seems to want to race Assetto anymore myself included hopefully you understand where I'm coming from and i wouldn't take this as something that will happen often. Thanks Guys
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