Assetto Corsa: Maserati Tipo 61 "Birdcage" Mod Released

Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Yorkshire, UK
Assetto Corsa Mod - Maserati Birdcage .jpg

A incredible car has finally made it into Assetto Corsa - the stunning "Birdcage" Maserati.

Developed from scratch by RaceDepartment community member @Pessio, this beautiful vintage racing machine is available to download HERE from the Assetto Corsa Modding Forum.

Developed for Assetto Corsa over a very short period of time indeed, the "Birdcage" is one of the most iconic and dramatic GT racing cars of the last century, a fan favourite wherever it races and one of the more successful cars from the Italian marque during the late 1950's / early 1960's.

Currently available for Assetto Corsa players to download, go grab yourself an armful of opposite lock and enjoy motor racing as is should be - sideways and leaving big black lines of rubber behind you!

Assetto Corsa Mod - Maserati Birdcage 2.jpg
Assetto Corsa Mod - Maserati Birdcage 3.jpg

To catch up with the latest modding action for Assetto Corsa, head on over to the Assetto Corsa Modding Forum and see what magic the community have cooked up for you to enjoy!

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Ohhhh:) I love this Car so much. One of my all time favourites. Now exists two great Mods for AC of this Car....this one which is free and another one which is a payable Mod and they both really Great.
This thing is utterly mad, never thought something could top the 250F from Kunos! It won't go straight, it takes right turns by yanking the wheel to the left, and it is FAST. Why play horror games when you can try pushing this thing?

Hats off to you sir @Pessio


I remember the_meco once said, that he would like to do it. This may not be far from him considering the time in which it was done up to this level lol

PS also still haven't driven after update haha


Wow! I need to download this asap when I get home later!

Just keep the mods coming! Thanks to all modders and online peeps still hanging on to this great title! I have now come to a certain hardware config that can max out this title! I must say it's freaking gorgeous! The hardware upgrades were brought upon not by personal needs, but the prodigal young brother of this sim that is very much a hardware hog!
I was just thinking about setting up a championship like Historic Sportscar Racing after having been to their event at Barber Motorsports Park this year, and this is perfect! I love old sportscars especially when they're not well-represented in sims. That's why I was gutted when the SF70h beat the 512M in Kunos' poll for the DLC, but I understand why it won.
This is a beauty. Well done, detail like that is a nice breath of fresh air. One tiny problem....
Can that be fixed? (RF fender) Or is that a major ordeal...

Fantastic work!



I love cars from this era, I am in awe of Modders like Pessio's ability to construct such a beauty from scratch and then have the generosity to let us have all their hard work free of charge especially when it's payware quality, AC is such a better place thanks to people like this, Thankyou very much.
This isn't the first Type 61 made for AC. There was already a mod out there, with the Type 60 and 61 cars, uploaded by "Velo's mods" more than a year ago. I don't know if it was 100% his work or some conversion/ripoff though.

I haven't tried this new mod yet, but here's a good reference for a comparison: