Featured Assetto Corsa Ferrari Celebration DLC Released for Xbox One, PS4

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Paul Jeffrey, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
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    At long last the Ferrari Celebration DLC has been released to console... but not without some hiccups for Xbox One owners...

    Released all the way back in September for PC players of the Assetto Corsa simulation, console gamers now have access to the wonderful Ferrari 70th Anniversary Celebration DLC and the seven unique Ferrari cars that come as part of this very Italian content release.

    Featuring modern and classic Ferrari Formula One cars, including the controversial community voted SF70 that just fell short of the 2017 Formula One Drivers World Championship, the DLC retails for $10.45 and can be purchased immediately via the Xbox and PlayStation store respectively.

    Unfortunately for the continually unlucky where Assetto Corsa Xbox players, the new DLC doesn't come without its problems as several players are reporting issues accessing the new content. Kunos have acknowledged the issue and are actively working to resolve any outstanding problems, however at the time of writing it doesn't appear as if these have all been fully resolved.

    While Xbox One players await the fixes to be put in place, you can check out the Ferrari Celebration DLC contents below:
    • 1962 250 GTO...
    • 1967 330 P4
    • 1967 312/67
    • 1984 GTO
    • 2004 F2004
    • 2017 812 Superfast
    • SF70H
    Just to get you further in the mood, don't forget to check out our recent interview with Stefano Casillo below:

    Assetto Corsa is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC now.

    Assetto Corsa Ferrari DLC Console Release 2.jpg Assetto Corsa Ferrari DLC Console Release 4.jpg Assetto Corsa Ferrari DLC Console Release 3.jpg

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    Console player? What do you think of the Ferrari DLC? Happy with AC on Xbox One and PS4? Let us know in the comments section below!
  2. MarkR


    Another botched Xbox One DLC release months after promises of PC parity.

    So, so sad that Kunos built a reputation through Early Access on Steam building slowly toward a high-quality PC product only to release an untested beta and develop it over a year on Xbox One. If only the studio could afford a consumer Xbox One to test their PC builds on before launch.

    This sentence was well-worded @Paul Jeffrey, it is absolutely true, the DLC on Xbox One can be purchased immediately but it does not unlock and cannot be played and afaik no fix has yet been found.

    The accompanying version update adds nothing at all, it just allows the DLC to work (SOON?) despite multiple reported issues since v1.15.

    For all that is good about AC on PC the game remains well below average on Xbox One.

    Good to see an honest RD article reporting the truth of AC on the consoles, Kunos deserve praise for the PC version and an equal amount of questioning about the ethics of the console versions.
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  3. darkelf1


    i hope they make Lamborghini and Pagani Celebration DLC in future...:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  4. aphidgod


    Mod edit,, not needed.
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  5. aleph


    AC is a great simulator for PC, but its Xbox version is a full unmitigated disaster. The same happened with Project Cars 1, and at the time it was said that it was due to the console's limitations. However, Project Cars 2, in spite of being a more complex game, runs and looks much better now on the Xbox, which shows that in both cases the limitations were actually on the programmers' side.
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  6. Rob


    Sometimes it's hard to tell whether Microsoft or Kunos is to blame for the Xbox disaster, but sometimes it's not. This is squarely on Kunos. (Or the party they sold out to after the money grab on the console). My "season pass" takes a $20 "pass" on the best dlc. Which is good in this case, since you pay for nothing. To say that this should have been free for long suffering Xbox users is an understatement. To say that Kunos has been open an honest with Xbox users is a lie. They loathe console users, as do their PC sicophants on their forum, who they encourage by silence.
    Now that multiplayer works, and the game is unparalleled in driving physics, I'd have to say it's my go to game. So, in a way, I have to ask myself if all the pain was worth it. Today, the answer would be yes. You sometimes hate those you love the most. And there is some sort of poetic justice in what I think a non politically correct stereotype feels like. When I was in Rome, I got robbed by Gypsies and the local officials were about as helpful as the robbers. But during the down time, visiting the catacombs and all the wonderful history that city has to offer, while not being excoriated like I was in Paris, made the incident seem like fate, which made me retrospective and grateful. Kind of like I feel about Assetto. It's magic in your hands.
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  7. MarkR


    Apparently, this DLC unlocking issue on Xbox One is still not fixed yet the DLC remains on the storefront for purchase. Oh and for those who think it was somehow Microsoft's fault it isn't. It seems Kunos have now found the error in their code and have submitted a patch - but we all know how long that could take to pass approval.

    If you've bought the DLC and live in the EU you can, despite Microsoft's 'no refunds' statement, get a refund. You just need to stand your ground with the customer services rep you speak to and quote EU consumer rights - this DLC does not work, you are therefore entitled to a full refund.

    Kunos should be hanging their heads in shame, once again no apology just statements like "we understand your frustration", I think it's high time Kunos took responsibility for continued shoddy work - they are the cause of the frustration - made a proper apology and did something for the few Xbox customers they have left.

    Oh and we notice how The Lord and his devs are all over positive threads here but nowhere to be seen when they produce another debacle. Kunos claim to be a company that likes to learn yet this issue has recurred again and again at each DLC launch on Xbox, no learning here.

    As disgusted as I am by the console version and Kunos's behaviour toward Xbox gamers this in no way changes my equally positive view of the PC version. The games have the same name but remain two different products and it is clear which one is the favourite child.
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  8. kunos

    Kunos Simulazioni

    yeah sadly the situation on the XB1 is quite unfortunate. It seems like this time it was our fault so, yeah I understand your frustration and sorry about that.
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  9. MarkR


    Thanks for the honesty, good of you to take the hit and respond reasonably that goes a long way.