Assetto Corsa | Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO Set To Join The Sim As Part Of The New Ferrari Esport Series

I've just upgraded my pc or i should say built a new one. Its given this game a new lease of life as running sol in vr was a struggle on my old build but it feels like a new game & i'm blown away with how good ac is. I wish it was the same for ACC & i still runs & looks poor in VR with a 3090 & 5800x.
Burger King?

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@garyjpaterson btw, not sure if this was on purpose on the 488 Challenge Evo, but I'll just leave a note just in case:
All non red liveries are missing a matching to paint the inside of the door. This can be noticeable on session start when the exterior setup view shows and doors are open

PS: Surprised to also find what looks like an official promo livery in green link
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If anything, pairing two former halo racetrack-only hypercars with current 2020 racing machinery might tie with the momentum caused by the announcement of their hypercar le mans entry.
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No doubt ACC is harder on hardware, I don't use it either due to VR performance. But even if it did, I would still have both. ACC for GT3/GT4 action, AC for everything else.

I think whats most important is the cost of the image quality. ACC runs worse AND looks worse than AC(CSP+Sol) on my HP Reverb G2. The only way I would switch to that game is if I owned triples or an Odyssey G9.