Assetto Corsa Fanatec CSR settings


I couldn't find any suggested setup for standard CSR so I will shere one I use :

I use 756 FW and 144 drivers

ingame settings : gain 60% , dumping 0,15
CSR : FF : 100 , DRI 4 , SPR 1 , DPR 0
, SHO 100 , ABS 100 , LIN 000 , DEA 000 ,

I mainly drift but I also use this setup for time attack . I was messing up few days to find setup above perfect for myself .
I hope CSR users will like it as much as I do :)
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I'll have to get around to messing with the settings. I'm finding the steering very heavy as standard, I just haven't had a chance to go near the game much since release due to work.

I'm using the Forza motorsport CSR wheel.

I was going to just drop down the FF in game but I don't want to take anything away from the FF just take away the heavy steering.


I was working few days on my CSR setup . After this I posted I stopped doing anything more . It fits for me perfect . I also had issues that wheel was too heavy .
I used your setup as a base and tweaked it a bit. For my taste it's now perfect.
gain 60%
damping 0,15

ff: 100
sho: 100
dri: off
abs 100
lin 0
dea 0
spr 1
dpr 0


I had a go of the settings and it's definitely lighter, much easier to turn in and correct oversteer.

When I looked at the manual though it said the spring setting only works for consoles. Is that the setting that makes it return to centre? I removed the spring changes and put the drift down to 2. I'll try messing more with the in game settings today, I'm still up at 80% gain.


I've gone back to pretty much 90% gain with no adjustments on the wheel other than to drop the FF down to 80%. The more I tried to lighten the steering the more information I lost through the wheel. The steering is heavy now but it's much easier to read the road through the feedback, even controlling drifts is easier because the wheel just gives back more information.

Glen Orpheus

ok guys, I've got the same wheel CSR (standard) with Elite Pedals and here are my settings after Update yesterday, and I've got to say it feels good ;)

first off make sure your Fanatec wheel settings page is set to 900 wheel angle and 100 dampening strength.

start up AC and head over to your wheel settings page....below
just select the Fanatec CSR 900 and drop your gain down to 90

then my wheel settings are as follows

Firmware 756
Driver 144

Sen = OFF
FF = 80
SHO = 100
DRI = 002
ABS = OFF (not really played with this yet, i guess i'll give it a try later)
LIN = 000
DEA = 000

give them a try if you wish, also any feedback or improvements always welcome :)
but i guess we are all different and require different wheel settings to suit our individual tastes too.

this is more like a base setting at the moment, still lots of testing to be done, but so far me like a lot.
Peace Out Brothers
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Bernd Graf

To the mix here, my GT3 RS v2:

Firmware: 756 beta
Driver: 177 beta

FF - 100
Sho - 100
dri - 001 - 002 (for the 125)
AbS - 82
Lin - 000
dEA - 000
SPr - 1
dPr - 0

Game settings:

Gain - 40 - 70 depending on car (each car tuned specifically!)
Filter - 2%
Dampening - 0, and for the 125, 30%
Kerb - 100
Road - 100
Slip - 0
You can play with the 'fanatec wheel property page' too,I have the dampening strength setting at 0, this makes the wheel lighter and you can increase fffb.
Friday? Got a new one yet? I've heard the CSW can do that on the forums here...I turned down the gain on mine out of fear, lol.
It has enough power to be usable.... but I have the gain in AC at 100% and the wheel at 100% and it's still too low.... Hopefully getting a CSW soon, so all of my problems will go away :p
I think I know now why your wheel is suffering :ninja::sneaky:.

"Oh Grandma! What strapping-Assetto-Corsa-arms you have!" :roflmao:
I used to actually have the gain rather low. Was running it at 75% for a while, and even that was after the motor had degraded a good bit, but recently I've had to crank it up to get the same, if not less torque.... I guess I've had it for ~3.5 years though.... :)

Thomas Cameron

Don't give me your patter
Hi new to the forum,
I have a fanatec CSR and I had a play with the settings in ac the other day and discovered that if you set the in game wheel degrees at 40 the wheel automatically sets itself to each cars correct degrees of rotation i.e. tattus 400 or lotus exos 360 .
Each car now maps exactly to my wheel.

Please try it ..

Glen Orpheus

Hi new to the forum,
I have a fanatec CSR and I had a play with the settings in ac the other day and discovered that if you set the in game wheel degrees at 40 the wheel automatically sets itself to each cars correct degrees of rotation i.e. tattus 400 or lotus exos 360 .
Each car now maps exactly to my wheel.

Please try it ..
i'll have to give it a go, but I'm interested, how did you come to find that out, i mean nobody set their wheels rotation to 40 degrees surely ?

ok i tried it and it just gives me 900 degrees rotation on my wheel in the Tatuus, but when i set it back to 900 degrees in game i get correct wheel rotation ;) sorry but that didn't work.

maybe its firmware or driver related, what ones are you running ?
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Thomas Cameron

Don't give me your patter
Sorry I meant to add and forgot but I'm using fanaleds to automatically set the steering angle per car a list is on you should try it the cars feel so much more responsive and natural to control ..
I'm using fw 756 and driver 181


Sim racer, kart racer and an academic
Anyone else finding that with the new ffb model there are severe ffb spikes at high speed then everything feels very weak as you understeer?


So fast I am slow
Still have this wheel so I would like to update this thread:

  • Massive understeer from clipping with full FFB settings (esp. under braking)
  • Wheel looses connection every now and then even with USB per mgt. off (Win10 x64)
  • Some USB 3.0 ports seem to not work properly/devices loose connection in parallel with wheel being switched on during PC restart
  • With a downloaded setup for a real quick lap time I can usually get close to that after couple of laps, but with my previous setting I was way off and could not figure how to drive corners same way
  • "FFB clip" shows what I experience while driving but the tool optimization makes FFB stutter with this wheel, not a good thing
  • Driven some laps with zero FFB and was many sec a lap faster due to precise corner steering, actually found this out after the wheel had lost connection, restarted it during game and it came back with no FFB so I took a chance (of course I drive with all assists off / set to factory)
  • According Fanatec install 3.11 driver (last CSR driver is 2.61) from newer wheels
  • Caution: They do NOT Update product download pages for discontinued wheels but latest drivers are deemed compatible without mention on the product page
  • Install a USB 2.0 PCI card (10 bucks) as my PC only got USB 3.0 - actually only my personal precaution as there were concern from other users with regards to modern and fast 3.0 ports and 2.0 wheels, this stops conflicts with other devices
  • Set driver page to 900 degrees, 3.11 does not offer a dampening setting anymore, which doesn't keep me thinking about this
  • Set On-wheel FFB und Shock to 100%, steering to max 900, everything else off on the wheel, never set FFB there to <100% as this will also cut off any FFB between x and 100% in game before even setting it up on the launcher!
  • Load Fanatec Wheel 900 settings on the AC launcher and adapt accordingly
  • Set FFB on the AC launcher well below 80%, 50% is a safe place with no more clipping, need further testing as to where the sweet spot is.
  • 80-100% definitely causes massive clipping! No go area in my case.
  • All special FFB effects off in the launcher (Kerb, ABS, Slip, Road)
  • Minimum force 3% (or whatever you like to have on a straight but low)
  • Acc. + brake gamma 1 (just for the record)
  • FFB API during race: Set to whatever was set on the launcher (i.e. 50%) - have to figure out, why the launcher does not override the in game API
Now the cars goes where I want it to go and there is still good enough FFB.

I know I should get a new wheel sooner or later. I know, this is an old wheel but I like to fix stuff before I buy new. Now I am in place where I can test a modern wheel on a reasonable level against this Fanatec wheel, which I actually find quite nice regarding the make and quality. Mine is 6 yrs old, still looks good and works alright with the above tweaks applied.

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