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Assetto Corsa: Dream Pack 3 Released

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Alex Franchini, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. Yes, in the future

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  1. Alex Franchini

    Alex Franchini

    ss_c637647078fbbd5b242f9e67a6b36726b6d57154.1920x1080.jpg Kunos Simulazioni has published the third DLC for popular racing sim Assetto Corsa. The third Dream Pack is available alongside update 1.4 for the base game.

    Dream Pack #3 is currently 20% off, so it's available for 7,99 EUR at the moment. The pack contains the Brands Hatch circuit along with a batch of cars, both vintage and modern.

    The full contents of the third DLC are:
    • Brands Hatch circuit, GP and Indy layouts
    • ABARTH 500 Assetto Corse
    • FORD Escort RS 1600
    • LOTUS 25
    • LOTUS 72
    • LAMBORGHINI Gallardo SuperLeggera
    • McLAREN 650 GT3
    Whilst the 1.4 Changelog includes:
    - New reflection rendering system
    - HDR now matches real life photographic references
    - Improved AI ability to stick to the intended racing line
    - Improved AI braking code (able to understand and use locked inside tyre for FWD)
    - Vastly improved multiplayer antilag/antiwarp system
    - Fixed missing ksBrakeDisc script in all the remaining cars.
    - Tweaked wet volume for reverb on high distance
    - Tweaked dynamics for Audi R8 Plus interior sound
    - New Bmw M3 e30 DTM and Group A exterior sounds
    - New font rendering system for dashboards
    - Fixed fadeout timing for gravel particles
    - Improved digital instruments of all cars
    - Fixed some bugged special events
    - Tweaked most of the special events to be compatible with tyre model 5/6
    - FXAA is now using Kunos' own shader
    - Fixed blurred rim/tyres on car with animated suspensions on farther Lods
    - ksEditor: added node grid
    - Introduced [DRS_ZONES] IGNORE_ZONES in drs.ini to allow road cars to ignore DRS zones (ie. McLaren P1)
    - Fixed exaggerate motion blur for some camera modes
    - Added serial opponent selection on Options->General: if flagged then opponents skin is not randomly chosen, but alphabetically
    - Fixed unrealistic qualify times when session is skipped
    - Fixed LaFerrari rear wheels
    - Fixed Huracan GT3 model to update it from the pre-season version
    - GT3 and GT2 cars tyre heating improvements
    - Ferrari 312T Tyre v6
    - Audi R8 Plus front torque vectoring and central differential improvements.
    - Headlights revised on all cars
    - Added missing dashboard lighting to cars where present
    - Fixed various LOD issues on a large number of cars
    - Car shader overhaul
    - Skins fixes and updates on various cars
    - Added templates for DP3 cars and Audi R8 Plus
    - Optimization across the entire car range (should help with large fields)
    - Digital instrument updates
    - Fixed collision boxes on various cars​

    Have you bought the Dream Pack 3 DLC? Let us know in the comments!
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  2. MrPix

    Project Immersion

    Escort at Hatch... nuff said! Worth the money to be sideways most of the way round!
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  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    As above..... :)
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  4. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief Staff Premium

    Although with my driving... its sideways... big smile ... sideways ... big smile ... sideways ... confused grin... sideways, kitty litter... wall.

    Cry, watch replay, beer.. bed.

    Try again tomorrow..
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  5. Terry Rock

    Terry Rock

    I'm buying it as we speak.
    The price on every DLC pack released to date has been more than reasonable.
    I would buy these for the next few years, if they'd keep releasing them at these fair prices...while continuing to update stuff.
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  6. Youssef Karam

    Youssef Karam

    I will keep buying those Dream Packs blindfolded as Kunos brings new exciting content in each pack at a very reasonable price! Every time I hear about a new updated, it just gets me excited. Never got disappointed.
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  7. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
    retired from this site.

    No, not buying. Bought AC more than a year ago, but just like rF2, i rarely start the game up. Maybe once a month or two.
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  8. Matt Horst

    Matt Horst

    I'm not buying DLC #3.I still have extremely low fps in 64 bit and stuttering in 32 bit plus pp is still messed up if i run the game in sli.I'm fed up with it and uninstalled the game.All other sims and games run perfectly so i can do without AC until they get it fixed,if they ever do.
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  9. Torcano


    In my usual fashion with these DP releases I gave some panic filled love taps to the fastest drivers on the grid on my first multiplayer sessions. Last time it was Hany and this time I bumped into Rodrigo, mostu shamefuru dispuray by me as expected. :D

    On that topic, 'multiplayer is vastly improved' is no understatement, with my usual 180ms ping I can go bumper to bumper with people happily where before I just tend to give up my position and just follow. I like it a lot, nice step forward in that regard. :thumbsup:

    As for cars, I mostly stuck to the Lotus 72 and the Escort because to me they just feel perfect on my rig. Took the escort out to a bit of rallying on the glorious forest rally stage 2 and now I have forearms like Popeye. Oh and brands hatch is brands hatch... looks good, drives great, is fun as it is in every sim. :p

    The sounds are a bit lackluster all around this pack IMO, for some reason everything sounds whiny and flat with no power to them whatsoever. (Just like me in this sentence) The 72 has some nice pop and crackle to it but that's about it. The 650S GT3 is just bleh, to me it's pretty much similar to 12C GT3's sounds. I guess mods will be on the way to fix that hopefully.

    Other than not many complaints this time around, most I can think of off the top of my head are minor. Although I will say they completely made the game look like poo by default by breaking all old PP sets and I had a good thing going with my setup so that's more things to fiddle with to get right again I guess. Pretty cheap as usual so I got it... as I said before i won't starve to death because of getting it, so I'll let others who want to be the martyrs and prove a point to the society by exposing those devilishly crafty devs by not buying their product do their thing. xD
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  10. Radu Oros

    Radu Oros

    Do you use speakers with or without subwoofer? If without, use the realtek sound effects equalizer and add bass preset, otherwise leave it on flat and add bass from the subwoofer. But the 2nd alternative will sound much better than simply sound effects.
    If you use headphones or earplugs, you don't need those effects, as they are just naturally created with the game.
  11. Cristian Haba

    Cristian Haba

    Best Dream Pack so far. The first one was pretty amazing because of the Nordschleife but... this has a lot of good content. You can run spec races with 3 cars, the Huracan ST, Lotus 25 and the Escort RS. The last two would be more fun and gentlemanly racing, taking the Lotus 25 anywhere near to the limit needs some good understanding of weight transfer a light touch on the brakes and being able to do drifts into the corner to reach the apex, crazy good fun when you're on it.

    Second, I dont wanna jinx it because I've only had limited time with this but the vastly optimized multiplayer experience seems like it has been vastly optimized, racing club races will confirm this. There's no more quality drop in my signal like there was in the previous patch, and I'm able to race with @Chris Stacey whos on the other side of the world with consistency and no warping. This will speed up League and Cup events here I'm sure.

    Kunos, after taking at times some serious whack, has slowly made improvements to this title and without being butt hurt about pp filters, rain/night etc etc. (I know to each his own), you have to give it to them, the progress although slow, has been steady and most definitely in a positive direction. Really like this title with each patch they put out.

    @Matt Horst really sad to hear of your troubles man, there are some helpful guys here I hope you can get to the bottom of it, it's definitely nice having you in our club races.
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  12. Torcano


    I run Audio Technica M50x headset running on an o2 amp. It's a great audiio setup. The sounds are unapologetically dull in this pack, nothing wrong with my rig. :)
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  13. Chris

    Administrator Staff Premium


    IMO this is the best DLC so far. All the cars are fantastic cars that I actually find myself wanting to drive (except the Gallardo street car), and they're all great to drive. And how can you go past Brands? I mean, I know the Nordschleife was just stupidly epic, but I really think Brands Hatch is the most underrated circuit in the world, and Simone has done a stunning job on recreating it. It looks incredible.

    Lotus 25 is probably my favourite so far with the Excort Mk1 a close second. I literally came away from them with a massive smile.

    Also, that racing we had, Cristian, was awesome. Looked super smooth and the car behaviour with your 250 ping looked like you could have easily been a car with 100 ping.
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  14. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing

    My only complaint about this DLC:
    • Superleggera needs a 7th gear.
    That's all.

    Multiplayer has never been better and contact model now is not driven by bomb strapped car models.
    Dreampack car selection is just plain awesome. One car to learn how to drive, two amazing GT3 models, two trofeo cars to add up to spec racing, another couple of challenging racing cars.
    Will need to find out a way to either fix or buy a new H-shifter.

    I can't tell much about the new tyre model as it is very early to ellaborate on it. But it is good to know it hasn't taken away the superb driving feeling in AC.

    Can't wait for more surprises from Kunos in next updates.
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  15. Fernando Deutsch

    Fernando Deutsch

    Damn new Lotus cars, I simply cannot stop driving them.

    The Lotus 25 is a fantastic little car. Just as I was expecting kinda a modern Formula 3 without aero package. Still with the not so powerful engine you have to be gentle with the accelerator, as the slim tires does not provide enough grip. This car requires to keep all the possible momentum and driving smoothly is a must.

    The Lotus 72D is awesome. It has enough aero to keep it fairly well on fast corners, but the thing is not glued on the track like other semi and moderns Formula 1 cars. It still has the spirit of being driven by mechanical grip.

    For me the best DLC in terms of cars. Even I am not a fan of Brands Hatch, but for some reason I love to drive these cars there.

    Thanks Kunos !
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  16. Bogman


    I just bought the DLC, but won't have time to try it until the weekend. You guys are making the anticipation even more unbearable. I can't wait to try the 25 and 72D! I'm glad to hear that multiplayer has improved significantly - that will only make RD races even more enjoyable.
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  17. Terry Rock

    Terry Rock

    That Escort is just like I remember it.
    I got to drive a full race-prepped 'Mexico' many, many years ago....and this feels exactly like that one.
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  18. Matt Orr

    Matt Orr

    The Escort would be okay, except it has quite possibly the most annoying engine sound I've ever heard.

    The 72 and 25 though are huge fun, the 25 especially.
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  19. Tommi Saari

    Tommi Saari
    Moving chicane Premium

    I find sound better and more detailed that previous issues, Lotus 25 especially in lower RPM range sounds awesome (That coventry climax engine was pretty awesome), only gripe is (not sound related) the roost coming off front tyres in kitty litter and not from the back...
    72d drives real good, maybe a bit too good...some aero tweaks might be needed. I feel the 72 is a bit unfinished (I love the car and not usually bothered about things like these), it lacks plug wires and fuel lines in the back...somebody do a Ronnie skin, please (tho he did not drive this particular chassis).
  20. CCL71


    Anyone have any problems after installing the pack? I installed it and can see the content but when I click on Start to begin the session, the "loading" screen appears then it goes back to the main menu.
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