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Assetto Corsa: Dream Pack #1 Preview


Kunos Simulazione has released some new in-game screenshots of the soon to come BMW M235i Racing, which will be included in the Dream Pack DLC for their popular Windows PC racing simulator Assetto Corsa.

The Italian developers mentioned the following on their game's Facebook page:

"We introduce you the new BMW M235i Racing, that will be included in the Dream Pack currently under final development and betatesting. The first additional pack will come with some updates of the main build of Assetto Corsa and will introduce some new features, improving also the existing code. Other details will be revealed once the scheduled process will be completed and tested."​

The M235i Racing is powered by the most powerful petrol engine developed for a BMW M Performance Automobile to date. The twin turbo, inline six-cylinder engine cranks out 333HP (245kW). That shouldn't scare off the beginner drivers, however, thanks to motorsport-specific driving aids - ABS, DSC and traction control make the car easy to tame, even on the ever challenging Nordschleife.

"The exceptionally efficient yet forgiving handling, is a perfect match for the Nurburgring Nordschleife and the car already delivers laptimes on part with much more developed racing cars. The BMW M235i Racing is the perfect car to learn the demanding track for beginners and a mighty weapon for a full racing attack." said Kunos.​

Personally, I'm quiet excited to get more news of the Dream Pack DLC. This car, among others, will certainly add a lot of great content, not to mention the astonishing Nurburgring Nordschleife. Assetto Corsa promises to have a large content selection, with something for everyone. So far, it appears that is exactly what the sim will bring.

1503878_1050449771648007_3600535510410579851_n.jpg 10170930_1050451081647876_4823865451994444422_n.jpg 10402035_1050450774981240_1918300175278991615_n.jpg 10906013_1050450834981234_7624527254199303790_n.jpg 10915250_1050449781648006_5066520314404557340_n.jpg 10923571_1050450354981282_3976977881404098857_n.jpg
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But again it's quality over quantity, the way kunos are making the tracks takes more work, or at least there's more involved and more steps to carry out.

The Nordschleife in Forza 5 is laserscanned as well and it took 13.000 workhours to build it, according to Turn 10. So I doubt that Kuno´s tracks are more work demanding.
As the tracks in AC are almost buikt by one person (Si3V), 13.000 hours of work would mean... 13000/8= about 1650 workdays needed, which would be 4 years or so, assuming this guy doesn't take hollidays.

You can't compare Turn10 with Kunos. They are a much much bigger studio, with an insanely bigger revenue. They can afford 30 people to work on 1 track, if not more, while Kunos could afford one guy when they started, and perhaps two or three guys now AC turned out to be a success.

All things considered, going for the Nordscleife was a crazy decision from Kunos, but it does shows their sheer passion for simracing! :)
I am really looking forward to Mclaren F1 GTR, I hope they nail the sound and get the naturally aspirated fast throttle response right. If they do, I may never see daylight again. One the best engines ever built.

Old post, but the 1997 Longtail from that video has a different engine than the car we're getting (which is the 1996 short tail)...
Old post, but the 1997 Longtail from that video has a different engine than the car we're getting (which is the 1996 short tail)...
Wiki papa, it was more a generalisation as sound is a weak point in AC. Thanks for putting me straight though. The rawness of a race engine is lacking still.