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Assetto Corsa: Dream Pack 1 available for pre-order


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Mar 14, 2013
Kunos Simulazioni have made Dream Pack 1 available for pre-order from the Steam store. The pre-order costs €9,99, and will rise to €14,99 on the release day - Wednesday 11 March.

The DREAMPACK 1 features the legendary circuit of Nürburgring-Nordschleife in three configurations: Nordschleife, Endurance (Nordschleife+GP track), Touristenfahrten. The Touristenfahrten layout allows gamers to simulate a standard track day experience at Nürburgring, starting and completing the lap passing through the Park, reproduced in all its details. For this game mode we have developed a new feature, that records the laptime in "A to B" mode. The enthusiasts of the track days at the "Ring" will have the chance to live again their favourite driving experience for thousands of times.

Also, the DreamPack 1 includes ten new cars that will bring your AC experience to a new level. Our users didn't make our life easy when they voted for their favourites cars. Many of the new cars required the development of new features, physics models and great research. Our development team took the challenge and worked hard to deliver. From the rear live axle of the Alfa Romeo GTA or the 4 wheel drive system with 3 differentials of the Alfa Romeo 155 Ti V6, to the unbelievably high downforce and top speed of the Mercedes C9 and the extreme complexity of the McLaren P1 that incorporates both active aero andhybrid systems, we took no shortcuts and brought you all the necessary features needed to reproduce as realistically as possible the DreamPack1 cars, but at the same time also give modders the possibility to include all those features to their future creations. All the new features necessary for the DreamPack 1 will be also included in Assetto Corsa v1.1 available on Steam.
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ACDM1 (24).jpg ACDM1 (25).jpg ACDM1 (29).jpg ACDM1 (39).jpg ACDM1 (40).jpg ACDM1 (46).jpg ACDM1 (49).jpg

Marco Massarutto, KUNOS's Executive Manager:

"We have to admit that the production has taken more time than initially anticipated, however the further we gone into development, the more involved we felt with it. We believe that the Nordschleife is a unique track, and deserves to be reproduced at our very best, in order to convey its essence and beauty to our fans. The Dream Pack 1 represents the sum of our experience and skill and a new start, thanks to the improvements and new functionalities that Assetto Corsa 1.1 will feature."

"We have had several meetings to discuss the pricing policy of the Dream Pack. The price we had in mind when we announced the Dream Pack two years ago was higher than the one we set now. The investment requested for this production, in terms of time, money and logistics, has been huge, even because the development has requested almost six additional months of work not initially scheduled. Our strong will to share our work with as much people as possible, has prevailed over commercial logic and with this aim we have decided to set the fairest price we are able to do. We are also pretty sure that you will appreciate the chance to get this package in pre-order, saving even more money."​


”Maximum Attack!”
Apr 6, 2010
I think I will pass this preordering and wait till 12th. It's too cheap and wan't to support Kunos as much as I can. I pay full price.


If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?
Sep 30, 2010
Done done done and........done.

Porta potty...check.
Send missus to her sisters for a few days....check.

:D:rolleyes: :laugh:

Dave Fox

I get there...eventually.
Feb 20, 2013
€10......WTF ?? :confused:

They must really hate our money :laugh: ,
Pre-ordered (but i kinda feel like i've stole something for that price) :thumbsup:


#1 overuser of the :P emoticon
Oct 26, 2010
Kunos really need to set up a guilty buyers donation fund now, that price is absolute highway robbery for this pack. Incredible news. :D

Next 7 days are gonna drag though. Massively.

Looking at the approximate launch time I guess us Aussies are in for an early morning on the 12th of March. :p

Oh and excuse me but I can't help but say "lol iRacing pricing model" at this news. Sorry. :)


#20 FinnTeam
Nov 28, 2014
Done and ordered....
Now I just need a cunning plan to get rid of my spouse for a month or so... :giggle:

Fernando Deutsch

Feb 12, 2014
Even it would be up to 20USD or more, I would have make the effort just for help Kunos.

At least for me AC has gave me tons of hours of enjoyment.
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Jan 16, 2011
What! Amazing. I feel like I should buy it 3 times. See you boys at the ring! I almost forgot admit the Nissan GTR, that's included right?

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