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Assetto corsa distant graphics blurry and overly lit


I started changing some of my settings as i wanted to make my game look better, but i am seriously starting to regret that decision.

When driving distant objects like buildings, trees... Are not very detailed and too lit up. Letters that are close are also very blurry.

I have my videosettings maxed out, i ran multiple PP filters (natural, Horizon, Photorealistic, Sol...) and have changed multiple things in my csp settings. The default setting seems to be the cleanest, but as soon as i add certain things in extra's and graphics it gets worse. i tried running the recomended version for CSP (1.60) and that seemed to fix it, but I had no sky and no sun.

Can anyone help me plz?

I put these screenshots for reference, but keep in mind that they are worse when driving. When taking a screen with f8 it stops the screen and makes everything look better.

This is with altered CSP settings:

This is with default CSP settings:

EDIT: I did some further testing and it seems to be the light that decreases the detail. It also seems there si some form of motion blur still active eventhough i disabeled everything.
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