Assetto Corsa Console Update Released: Custom Lobbies Later Today

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    Kunos Simulazioni and 505 Games will finally release the long awaited V1.14 console update for Assetto Corsa today, adding new features, content and .... CUSTOM LOBBIES!

    Because of the significant nature of the update servers for Assetto Corsa on console will be unavailable for a few more hours yet, however once out on the other side players of the game can expect a considerable new update to enjoy.

    New for build 1.14 will be the ability to make use of the long awaited custom lobby functionality, now finally giving Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers the opportunity to create their own customer server rules and content within the online portion of the title.

    In addition to the big ticket item mentioned above, the new update will also bring with it several pieces of free content from the Italian developers, including the home made Highlands circuit in Scotland, the venerable Audi Quattro S1 E2, the Mazda MX5 NA, Mazda 787B, BMW M4 Akrapovic and the Lamborghini Gallardo SL Step 3. Additionally players who own the third Porsche Pack DLC instalment will receive the previous delayed 911 RSR 2017, completing the initially announced line up of Porsche DLC content for the simulation.

    Whilst you wait for the online servers to resume normal service, you can view the new change log for the game below:
    • Updated minimum pressures and optimum pressures for various cars.
    • New v10 tyre wear algorithms more sensitive to load for all cars.
    • Graining is now reducing when driving in good temperature conditions.
    • New and updated V10 street, semislick, vintage, and race slicks tyres for all cars. A total of
    • 151 cars updated.
    • Updates for cars that already had V10 tyres.
    • Updated chassis balance and inertias for all 151 available cars.
    • Updated engine coast braking for street cars.
    • Updated Brake heat for the following cars
    • Shelby Cobra
    • Lamborghini Miura
    • Alfa Romeo GTA
    • Abarth 595
    • Ford Escort RS
    • Ford GT40
    • Lotus 25
    • Lotus 49
    • Maserati 250F 6C and 12C
    • Lotus 72D
    • Ferrari 312T
    • Ferrari F40
    It will be possible to adjust and customize the cockpit view during a game session.

    Initialize a new server instance with custom configuration. Configuration options include: privacy (invite-only, public, password-protected), cars, car skins, track, sessions (durations and types), track conditions, assist levels, realism levels.

    Create any number of championships with any number of events. Configuration options include: opponent cars, skin and names, tracks, track conditions, race and other sessions' duration, point system. (3 presets)

    It should be noted that the update is available to download immediately, with only the online side of the game awaiting the return of the multiplayer servers to working status.

    Assetto Corsa BMW M4 Akrapovic .jpg Assetto Corsa Audi Sport Quattro .jpg Assetto Corsa Mazda 787 B 2.jpg Assetto Corsa Mazda MX5 NA.jpg

    Assetto Corsa is a racing simulation built for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

    For more news, discussion and a great time in our League and Club Racing scene, head over to the Assetto Corsa sub forum and get yourself involved in the fun!

    Have you tried the update yet? Looking forward to custom lobbies? Leave a comment below!
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  2. CC


    Wow these guys been busy recently ,
    Great work @kunos :thumbsup:
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  3. Tobiman


    The console guys can finally be happy. Good for them.
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  4. MarkR


    Unfortunately, the update may have happened today for PS4 (not Xbox One, that is delayed), but there are now no servers online in some regions. Teething trouble server side is the stated issue. Another inauspicious beginning for console updates, it has taken 9 months to get custom lobbies so I think players hoped for better today. Most seem content to wait for a fix tomorrow.
  5. Tobiman


    That sucks but hopefully should be fixed soonish.
  6. kondor999


    Really happy for the long-suffering console players. I can't imagine public server racing on a console. They should rename that mode "Wreckfest".

    Oh wait...I think that's been used already... ;)
  7. protonv5


    Indeed. That's what comes to my mind as well.
  8. Epistolarius


    You're sure that wasn't them taking down the servers for the lobbies update?
    Are the servers back up?
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  9. MarkR


    @kunos full praise where it is due, on the PS4 Pro this is a superb update and all working well this morning. Now the game lives up to the title Your Racing Simulator and we now have the Assetto Corsa experience on PS4.

    Here's my take on the best of the improvements:

    + The custom lobbies are easy to set up, racing with like-minded friends at last.
    + Same great handling and feedback as on PC.
    + Track and tyre temperature is working as on the PC, it just never seemed right before.
    + Works as well on the gamepad as it does on the wheel (purists please remember consoles are also used by kids not just dedicated sim racers). With the latest tyre model working the pad control is as good as the Forza series which is the highest praise I can give.
    + Game performance on and offline is now super smooth (PS4 Pro with performance mode selected).
    + Fade to pit - no more teleporting, may seem a minor thing but it is a lot better.
    + Being able to mix and match all the content as we wish makes this a complete experience.

    Only one thing I've noticed so far that could be a bug or maybe as intended

    - The options selected on the server setup screen don't always seem to match the options in the lobby session (eg Stability is set off on the server but is then on in the lobby or vice versa). I haven't looked into it enough to be certain but this could be car related eg the car may not have stability control so it is set to off regardless of server settings.

    I see other reporting some issues, but here today for me AC is working as it should.

    Faith restored and very much looking forward to the Xbox One version being released.
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