Assetto Corsa Competizione Wish List


3) Blue flag AI, of course.

4) We need a manual, not cross-referenced links to Kunos forum.
A manual of at the least an explainer video. The weekend just gone was my first time getting the chance to play the game in weeks. It's gotten more complicated since I played it last. It would definitely be overwhelming for someone new to sim racing.

Blue flag issue kind of ruined an AI race too. I managed to get by the back marker because he was slow but I was battling with the AI behind me for the lead, my tyres were beginning to give up which ment the AI I just passed for first was keeping up with me. But once he got to the backmarker AI he got stuck there and I could cruise home.
quoting myself from the Kunos forum:
"... Just did what one really should do: first watched the sprint race at Nürburg in real life (on YouTube, mind you) and then played a one hour sprint event in ACC. Here's my suggestions for improvement:

a) In replay: why do we not use the exact graphics overlay the GT world broadcast uses, also for the results at the end of the race? It would make our games look like the real thing, and - let's face it - that's why we play.
b) In race: so many drivers put parts of their outer two wheels into the sand to produce a) a nice billowing dustcloud and b) no visible loss of speed. In ACC there is a) no dustcloud to speak of, and b) the sand acts like glue, you lose speed dramatically and instantaneously, which is utterly unrealistic. Also, this puts a lot of sand and stones on the track which I have yet to notice in ACC.
c) In race: curbs are literally black in parts where everyone abuses them, at least in the second sprint race. In ACC there is some wear and tear but it could be more pronounced.
d) The pit crew certainly communicated with their drivers with regards to when to come in and where the other competitors in their class are (or is all that disallowed in Blancpain racing? I doubt.) In ACC, the morose and mumbling crew guy just goes on and on about tire pressure.
e) Speaking of pit crew: again, one could see drivers doing rather crummy slot ins to their pit position while in ACC you need to be ultra precise for the inviible crew to lend a hand. C'mon Kunos, cut us some slack, chaps are off a meter in real life and still get serviced, this is not F1.
f) Except for the crazy WRT teammate crash in race02, teammates in general treat each other with respect, while in ACC your teammate will neither let you pass nor leave you alone if he's close behind. I once had a Lexus teammate harry me for 15 laps. I suppose in real life teams can communicate with their drivers to coordinate the efforts? Which would be another crew task on the bucket list, but basic camaraderie could also be written into the AI code, I guess.
g) It would also be nice for the system to remember your cut warnings after saving a game, you can easily avoid a drive-through by flagrantly cutting and then saving since it will start from scratch after each save.
h) Give us at least a little outer visible damage, it's ridiculous hearing you have "severe front damage" and not a bit of your bodywork is missing in the replay.
i) After the race I would love to have the ability to access laptimes and lapgraphs to go through the event again, It's a part of my iRacing cooldown routine that I really miss.

At the end of the day, though, even without these improvements, racing the AI (96%) is sooo awesome if you manage to get your speed dialled in to theirs, for me it's 87% strength atm that does the trick. At enough aggro, they start fighting each other so brilliantly, it's like watching a race on TV while playing when you follow a group of five or so AI cars really cutting each other's throats in front of you. "

Marty Lee Peterson

Did I miss something, after reading, most want to see it like this sim or like that sim. This is the official Blancpain GT Series from Kunos right.
I for one think Eckhart von Glan hit the nail on the head! I for one wouldn't mind bringing US and Asia into the fold for it is the Blancpain GT Series, But to add cars and types of racing or Cars like IMSA or WEC or whatever only takes away from the platform. Now I would love to see say ACC IMSA or ACC WEC and so on, but as there own sim. as far as IRacing I own almost every car and track (money i will never get back) and I will just say I like ACC more.
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nice find, gonna watch it later, love the interviewers' German accent already, feels like home ;)

edit: watched it all now: 2019 season free DLC end of October (fingers crossed), more content in the works for 2020 and I really love this quote about the constantly complaining triple screen users: "if you are so harsh with us, why should I make you happy?" No word about x-box and playstation or did I miss that it has been available on all platforms all along?
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Aristotelis has given some further insight into what we can/cannot expect in the next update:

First of all, all of the things I'll say might or might not come in 1.0.8. As usual the team works hard on many many aspects of the sim sometimes work gets done easier and faster without issues so it goes into an update version, some other time unpredicted issues might appear that might make a feature skip a version or two. So if you don't see your favorite feature on the next update, please be patient and be sure its been worked.

As you know we are working very hard on the 2019 content. So new cars, skins, drivers, teams, sounds but also UI work and under the hood work at the core of the sim to make it work properly with what is practically 2 games in one, so 2018 and 2019 season. Of course each with its own BoP and stuff.

Then on the multiplayer we have been rewriting the RC rating and is been tested as we speak and also working on car/track statistics. Other cool features are also been worked but let me stop here and talk again when its appropriate. Always better to underpromise and overdeliver right?

AI wise, work is on AI cars understanding blue flags and we have good progress on that. But the AI work never stops, always trying to make it better in racing and behaviour. Again, more info when we can, but just to let you know that it is one of the neverending research sectors.
More work on the car spotter with new messages and improvements on yellow and wet flags
Also much improved audio fading of cars in distance, especially on external cameras
Pitstop animations are getting worked, there are many cars and things to take care of so not sure if they arrive for 1.0.8 or later, we'll see. But the whole team is heavily on them.

Championship is rewritten, code cleanup, bugfixes and generally should work much better under any condition. Sessions, races, results, championship tables, everything.

We are also working on the shared memory and telemetry. Shared memory wise we should have working sessions and laptimes, deltas etc, as requested by you guys. Telemetry, we're having a look to make it save before the end of a session, not sure if ready for next update, we'll see. But again looking at it.

Physics wise we have some extra stuff as usual. I can write more because obviously I'm more into that.
We worked on the UI for tyre pressures. Enough with the confusing mess of automagic pressure we tried to do but failed lol. Now you'll be able to put at the setup whatever pressure you like and will stay so, whatever the ambient temperature. Obviously your hot pressure will vary depending what you do and ambient conditions, but you will always start with a number you know that will also remain the same in the MFD once on track. Easier to do than to explain but more on this when it's out. And yes you'll need to update your old setups but just adding a bit pressure will fix it. Preheating the tyres is now set at 70°C for slicks. Keep in mind that doesn't have to do on how the tyre pressures work, that was fine. It's all a matter of UI representation and user experience. Should be much better.
Another great advancement to realism, we now simulate the actual water film height for the aero flow. So depending on the wetness of the road, you might be forced to raise the car ride height by up to 5mm to maintain the same aero balance. Something that the real teams also have to deal with.
Better fuel consumption simulation for situations like idle, pitlimiter, and TC engaging.
Various bug fixing and of course also here much work on 2019 content.

On top of that, optimization work is always undergo to make the title working better on every condition. Not much I can tell about it and even if I could it's not really exciting, but for sure the work the devs do on that department is very important and very difficult. So rest assured those guys are really trying hard behind the scenes to gain every little fps possible and improve on every single functionality possible, being single screen, VR or triple screens. Always hard on it.

Again remember, even more work is happening from what I write here and also what you read, might or might not be on 1.0.8 or whatever number update we release, depending on how unpredictable issues. Thank you all for your patience and support guys.

4) We need a manual, not cross-referenced links to Kunos forum.
This is so true. The trend over the last few years to rely on the community to write the help for complex games bugs me no end. It's extremely unprofessional (yes, I went THERE!).

It's a bad reflection of your product when users have to do it themselves.

There's a German one being written
Profile Management, so you can create/delete different profiles, especially for single player. It's 2019 and you have a game that doesn't allow you to create multiple play profiles but locks you into the one you start the game with even for single player.
I know you have a limited team and budget, but come on, that's a basic design function.


Did a 1h race yesterday obviously with driver change. Didn't do that for a while now (some updates ago). It would be really helpful if the pit pop-up menu would be rearranged.

1st point is pit limiter on/off. If you're clumsy with gloves the first thing you might do is accidentally switching off the limiter and receiving a penalty.

The important points (from my perspective)
  • driver change
  • repairs
are too far down the menu. It is so annoying getting down to those while driving down the pitlane. I would also like to preselect those before race start OR the geeky thing would be a voice input to the crew chief. Like he asking "driver change" and your answer yes/no.

@sonicviz good point. Especially when you let a friend test drive and he ruins your ratings. :roflmao:
@sonicviz good point. Especially when you let a friend test drive and he ruins your ratings. :roflmao:
I'm glad someone likes it. I asked on the Kunos forums why I couldn't delete my ratings/stats (and why I couldn't create another profile) and got jumped on for suggesting such a travesty of an idea (that's strangely common in all other games/simulations) and then got locked out of the thread by the mod (as far as I can tell). They don't seem open to new ideas.


I'm glad someone likes it. I asked on the Kunos forums why I couldn't delete my ratings/stats (and why I couldn't create another profile) and got jumped on for suggesting such a travesty of an idea (that's strangely common in all other games/simulations) and then got locked out of the thread by the mod (as far as I can tell). They don't seem open to new ideas.
I'm afraid many would misuse with the thing.
I'm afraid many would misuse with the thing.
How exactly do you "misuse the thing" in single player, that has no effect on anyone but you?
Even MP has a penalty if you reset your progress.

The problem is there is no profile management at all, and multiplayer and single player are linked.
yep, it looks like iRacing, where your one profile is your calling card (though many players seem to have a couple running at the same time, each one costing a hundred bucks a year …) but when most players in ACC play offline (which I hope they do because otherwise the player count each night would be a sorry affair) it really is a different cup of tea.
Personally, I never cared, but I can see where the demand comes from.
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