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Paul Jeffrey

RaceDepartment Editor-in-Chief
Kunos Simulazioni have recently dropped a three small hotfix updates for their Assetto Corsa Competizione racing simulation.

Recent weeks have seen a flurry of small hotfix updates released for Assetto Corsa Competizione, addressing a number of minor issues that have crept into the simulation following the most recent 1.4 update back in mid May.

The hotfix releases number three in total, the most recent of which dropped on Sunday morning and contains a mix of updates in the very minor to reasonably substantial range - of which the helicam view fix will be of great relief to anyone with a fancy from streaming their online racing action.

All three hotfixes, dating from May 15th to present, can be seen below.

Hotfix Update Notes


  • Bug fixes and improvements in the automatic Setup UI system.
  • Fixed corrupted car physics state in MP with session transitioning while still in the setup screen.
  • Fixed an inconsistency with the automatic setup saving logic depending on spawn location.
  • Fixed helicam jumps and sudden movements when transitioning between cars.
  • 2020 Dinamic liveries as bonus content.

Image Credits: James Magill - V12 Media

Assetto Corsa Competizione is available now on PC, with console release arriving July 23rd.

Got questions that need answers relating to ACC? Start a thread in the ACC sub forum here at RaceDepartment, and let our epic community help you out!

ACC update.jpg
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The Black Falcon #4 car he shares with Engel is a fast car, 24 hour Spa pole winner. Not unrealistic they'd be at the front more often than not. Though I do admit it's either them, Rowe Porsche or SMP Ferrari.
Custom-grid is needed. Hope xfab bring it on. I‘m next to crack when further seeing Luca Stolz in front of the grid every race - it‘s so unreal

Had almost the same Experience with SMP Ferrari and the ROWE Porsches. Both good Teams and Drivers but too much difference to th Rest of the Field.

Hope for a Workaround of AI in general.