Assetto Corsa Club: GT3 @ The Nordschleife - Monday 15th June (Free Event)

Daiman Patel

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Jun 4, 2011

RaceDepartment has a lot to shout about, not least its fantastic array of club events, which it runs 7 days a week, for all 52 weeks of the year. Nightly races, for a bit of fun, to gain confidence, to learn and try out cars and tracks, or even to prepare for an upcoming league event, are run in the spectrum of games for which there are communities here at RD. One such community is that for the increasingly popular Assetto Corsa! Furthermore, every now and again we like to run open up races to newcomers and all!

The ever growing AC club is one of the biggest at RaceDepartment. And this is only one of the many club races that are organised and run every night of the week, by our dedicated staff members, for all of the sim-racers itching to get on track and whiz around as quickly as possible!

The GT3 club race, on Monday 15th June, at the Nordschleife will be just like any regular club race, except that it will also be open to the public. What this means is, Premium membership will NOT be required to take part in the race, in a bid to get even more people involved not only in this event, but also in the Assetto Corsa club, and sim-racing, here at RaceDepartment! So we thought that it would be a good idea to get the word out and make a bit of noise to drum up interest - the more drivers the better!

And there is more! As a bonus for taking part, non-Premium members will be automatically entered into a free prize draw where they will have the opportunity to win Premium membership and live the high-life for one month! All you have to do is enter and take part in the race - it's really that simple!

So put your helmet on, and have your wheel at the ready! It's going to be one great night of laughs and excitement! If you would like to take part then you can sign up here!

Servers are limited to 24 cars each, but multiple servers shall be ran if there are enough sign-ups. Free RD membership is still required in order to take part, and you must use your real name when signing up as well as on the server.
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