Assetto Corsa Amazing Game But 1 Major Problem Please Help

Jul 1, 2015
First I'd like to say Assetto Corsa is an amazing game it has a real driving feel to it! I loved it so much I purchased Logitech G27 steering wheel for a hefty amount of money.

However there is one problem with the game! It's limited to 10 laps! What?! Why!

Does anyone know if there is a mod where It lets me increase the amount of laps to whatever I wish.

Please, thank you.

Edit: I know if I turn fuel usage off I can race to 30 but I want pit stops/or 60 laps.

Or like they do in GT racing where the race has a 60minute timer that would be cool as well


Oct 10, 2014
yeah wish they would allow races based on time and pits. mainly the time thing. and championships would help as well.