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Assetto Corsa 1.4 opinion

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by ganso2014, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. ganso2014


    Well. At this point, I can tell without no doubt that this is the best racing simulator at the moment.
    When I received the 1.4 patch, and started a practice sesion with the brand new lambos, it makes me smile from ear to ear.:)
    The sound is now simply amazing, the graphics are near perfection, only shadows need improvements. The handling is the best. And the IA is better in each patch.
    The new ciruits are unbelievable, with such details.
    For me, is by far the best, no comparison avaliable with pcars or even with rfactor2 in graphics.
    With the dlc´s you're getting a good deal.
    So, with little improvements in IA and graphics (shadows) this game could be a 9/10.
    Keep working Kunos.:thumbsup:
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  2. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Seems you're on the lucky side of the updated users. Looks like the graphics problems like the white overlay appear to a random group of users. Fingers crossed we all can enjoy the same pleasure soon.
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  3. ouvert


    overall good update + solid DLC .
    - sounds still mostly vary from average to terrible
    - 72D has some confusion about its suspension and tyres, but is super fun to drive and easiest one to drift :)
    - 25 is joy
    - Escort would be fun but with that engine sound it is impossible to drive more than 2 laps
    - GT3 are fine, AMG even sounds good
    - brands is brands, can`t be bad, visually not flawless but it is a Brads Hatch!
    - I trade 20 present cars for 10 features :)

    Good job, DLC worth those 7 euros for sure .. have fun
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  4. fifou


    This update bring assetto corsa back to life. You really can feel the improvment on the physics side and graphicaly . The sound is simply AMAZING and the AI is giving me a reason to practice a lot. My fps improved also without having to tweak any setting . i gained about 30 fps and it looks a lot smoother the sudden drops are gone. am running now about 80 fps with a crowded grid on my not so young LAPTOP ! thank you KUNOS!
    One single con though, i can't wait for single player pit stop to be announced i think that they do not realise how much this fixture is needed . Anyone to back me on that ?
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  5. Dave Cerio

    Dave Cerio

    I just installed this from Steam a couple of days ago. Had a few problems with 3rd party apps. I got itchy to try out mods and stuff.

    Uninstalled, started from scratch, and it runs great! Most fun I've had in a while.
  6. K.Schaefer


    With 1.4 and DP3 Im very satisfied.
    The game improves (for me) step by the step, even though the 3party apps tend to crash the game every update...
    Right now I try to tame the Sauber C9 and get a legit (fast)round Brands Hatch...

    For me running tripple Monitors, FPS improved a lot with 1.4, love it.

    I would love to see some more weather...
    Love to see a legit Porsche 956. (would trade that for all the Lotusstuff except the classic Lotus)

    thanx kunos nice Job

  7. Skazz


    I was looking through the track selection and it's easy to forget just how many high quality laser scanned tracks we now have.

    The car list is going well too, although you can't help feeling that they have a much bigger roster of licenses in place than cars in game. I wonder if the console release will see a big chunk of new cars in order to make the game more appealing to traditional console users?

    The AI in 1.4 is better, but I still don't like them anywhere near as much as Raceroom's AI. They string out too quickly and first lap behaviour is not that great still. Which is a shame because I love driving Assetto Corsa.

    Other than the AI, for me the only thing wrong with Assetto Corsa 1.4 is that I can't get round to playing it as often as I'd like due to DiRT Rally :D
  8. HypoToad


    I don't play it much because I like my modded GTR2 way too much.
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  9. St3fan


    Totally bored of people arguing over sims and spreading information and disinformation so couldn't be bothered to form my own opinion on AC1.4 :O_o:
    imo AC is quite amazing in that with every update/DLC released, many sim racing websites become worse with lots of ridiculous stuff. Really tired of seeing some posts on different forums.
    So I go back to my original plan when I first started sim racing: learn more about how car works and improve my real-life driving.
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  10. Skazz


    You have just stated that you are bored of forums, since arguing and disagreeing about facts is pretty much what every forum ever contains. Official forums are always the worst, though... At least forums like this one are mostly decent debate from guys who just want their sim racing and will own most/all of the current sims and like each one for a different reason.
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  11. Ian Cameron

    Ian Cameron

    For someone who can't be bothered to form an opinion, you just did!!
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  12. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing

    There is a visible difference between arguing to reach a improvement and just being a complete idiot bashing everything against a specific sim in favor of one divine creation by the binary gods of simulation.
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  13. Lily Starfox

    Lily Starfox

    The OP's first post is what I could have written myself, exactly.
    100% agreed.
    As for the 9/10... Personally, I'll give it 10 when it has working headlights at night.:whistling: *hide*
    (don't reply to this message saying it's impossible, recent development proved it's possible and coming maybe in 2016, or at least 2017:p)

    Btw, I don't get the critics about the sound.
    It's true that I installed recently Fonsecker's soundpack and it's GREAT but the original sound is very good as well.
    Most modded cars (the ones on this website) have great sound as well.
    I admit, R3E might have better sound, but frankly, saying that Assetto's sound is crap is extreme.
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  14. Blimey


    2017, probably expect an Assetto Corsa 2 development announcement...
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