Assetto corsa 1.2 CHANGELOG soon! (1/2 days)


After a live chat with Stefano Casillo, It has been revealed that most improvements of the upcoming 1.2 update for Assetto Corsa will touch Multiplayer (remade almost from scratch) and A.I (artificial intelligence) plus a lot of new features and further improved handling model!

We should expect the update to be available within 2 weeks while the changelog should be available within 1-2 days.


Czarleeese Baygio
you can watch live and chat streaming on youtube. Please hurry! You can still ask something there! :)
Unfortunately, I can't use chat because I'm from Germany and there's some issues with YT livetreams. Anyways, I don't have any questions that haven't been asked before :p
the upcoming 1.2 update for Assetto Corsa will touch Multiplayer (remade almost from scratch)
thanks for posting this, it's really interesting! :)

Btw, stefano has said that the MP improvements wont be any core changes, but just adding features. So I don't think there will be any fundamental improvements to the netcode?

Also, I was really surprised that zandvoort isn't laserscanned. That's a shame.


I find it very interesting to see what he does and how he does things. How problems are presented and how things are dealt with. He is very open about it all.


zandvoort wasn't scanned.... that's a surprise.
free ones not scanned, paid dlc are scanned looks like the way it is.


Czarleeese Baygio
Stefano shows the changelog in this video from 2min onwards. I would post the timestamp but for some reason it won't let me.


I didn't see big problems with the netcode yet except the expected warping of guys with a bad connection (they should get an auto-kick for high lost-packet count)

AI: Well, as i don't care a lot about streetcars, that career mode isn't really of interest for me and for my offline races i got GSCE ;)

Wasn't Zandvoort expected for june?
And it not being laserscanned, well, as long as it's really well done and accurate, i don't care that much about it. Remember: Laser scanned tracks aren't something new, the racing sims use that date since many years - it's the interpretation of that data which determins the outcome.
(interpretation = optimization done on the track mesh)

I'm mainly interested in MP improvements, although i don't think Kunos has the balls to patch the things in i'd like to see to provide cleaner racing ;)
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