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Assembly Editing and Reflexil Instruction

Thanks, got it! Another question, does the mod in some way improves the fact that in the vanilla game the AI was extremely bad in reliability at the start of a new season?
Hello everyone, I'm trying to make a skip button in race both in practice or qualification.
Class - PreSessionHUBState, method - OnContinueButton()


I change OnTakeSessionConfirmed () on OnStartSessionButton ()

In the game, a race skip dialog appears. After pressing the button "Instant Result", the skip screen appears, but the starting countdown does not start
Has anyone tried the same?)
Is it possible to alter the lower limit of tyre wear for AI? On most of the tracks, they don't pit until their tyres worn until 16-17% and their in lap is almost 10 sec. slower which ruins the race. I'd like to alter this. I looked for this, but I couldn't found anything obvious about this in .dll.
Hey. Can someone give me some pointers?
I am trying to add the PerfectSetupMod onto the SpeedAndZoom mod.
I picked up dnSpy and opened the Assembly-CSharp.dll from SpeedAndZoom mod but I get compilations errors even when I make no changes, Edit Method(C#)... and Compile.

Error CS0518 Predefined type 'System.Single' is not defined or imported main.g.cs 351


LE. I was trying to edit a stand-alone DLL. In order to work you need to edit the DLL from the game installation.
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Hello all,

@TheFlamingRed , I'm trying to make the " Play and Fast Forward Speeds " thing work for me. I'm using DNSpy, and after copying the code you've written and hitting 'Compile' at the bottom, I get this:


I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong, but I just can't seem to find it. I've already tried inserting the 'Global' thing as well, but that doesn't do any good neither...

Have to say this is one of my first attempts at coding though, so I'm probably missing something basic along the way...

Thanks for any pointers you can give me!

Kind regards,


Has anyone tried to update the ingame mouse cursor yet? I can't stand that tiny thing. Is there a way to just set it to use the System Cursor?

I have a basic understanding of dnSpy. When i search the Assembly-CSharp for "cursor", I get quite a few responses... I just have no idea what I should or could change...



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Hello, I am currently looking at the code using dnspy.. I would like to change the perfect set up mod a lil bit so its not 100% but random between 98%-100% what file is it?
Hello im i bit noob in modding. i try the zoom mod but this not work for me, the game crash. so i try Dnspy to modify my file. but adding the value manualy ( - 130f dont work)
probably it's dummed to just try to add value manualy. pls help me to understand this part. i realy realy want a zoom for the game. Tks for your help.

It's possible the mod not work bcs the game now call the camera (This.cameraMinzoom) and not anymore (This.minZoom) ??



I wanted to change the gamespeeds as I felt the fastest 'fast-forward' option was far too slow/ Particularly as I spend a lot of time testing my mod, and I really want to get through these races quicker.

However, the original game speeds are fixed, can cannot be edited simply by changing a number. This is because the number is part of an Array, and by default in this dll, the numbers stored in the arrays are set to Private, and thus, cannot be modified. So with a simple option not available, I gutted this section of code with new IF statements. (Big thanks to Hudson here as he led me through the process of converting my desired IF statements into the Instructions and OpCode. I have been able to use this example to modify various other areas of the game)


Something strange has happened to this code since editing it. It's gone all 'Global' on me, which I assume is some sort of reference issue. However in this case, the code does what it's intended so if it isn't broke, don't fix it.

I once tried a x50 speed, and while it theoretically works, the game struggles to keep up on my system and is very choppy. You can get away with an x20 though.

For those wanting an x1... while its possible I don't recommend it. The Physics of the cars are simplified, and watching races at x1 speed doesn't look good.

Hey can you send the pictures of this to me? They wont show up and i cant figure this out without them.

Can someone explain how to change values (and what values) for perfect setup mod? i know there is a perfect setup dll , but i want to change it on the 2019 fire fantasy mod. Thanks a lot.