Assassin's Creed III

I am going to purchase this game after I purchase Revelations and finish II, Brotherhood, and Revelations.

I'm glad the PC version no longer is stricken with the draconian-DRM that ruined Diablo III and the three aforementioned AC games, even though, those games were not bad compared to Diablo III.

Ubisoft being Canadian, I wonder if my compatriots will protest the company and boycott them if American revolutionaries are assassinated.

I mean, to be fair, American revolutionaries like Benjamin Franklin were Masons - who are also the Templars, the Illuminati, the NWO (People, please don't call me a conspiracy theorist because I think most conspiracy theories are BS with little proof) - along with the British Loyalists.

This subject might be touchy.

EDIT - I don't think any figure on the American side was assassinated in the game. Besides, if Americans were assassinated, I would think that would alienate the U.S.A., which, is a massive gaming market, though, not as massive as Europe.
Just bought this on Steam, can't wait to start playing once it's out. Diablo 3 is fine btw, at least from my point of view. ;)
Meh...gutted. Had everything preloaded but it needed to load something more when it unlocked an hour ago...yeah, great - the download wasn't even quick but it felt like my 33k modem is back. Now it's ready but I'm too tired. Thanks Ubisoft. °_°

First world gamer problems.

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I have a 15 EUR voucher for AC III, but you have to order it on a German shop website.
But in case anyone reads this and wants to buy this game and is residing in German speaking countries...or just willing to buy anyway, just PM me!
I will not keep it, so when out, then out!

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