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    If there's one household name in mobile racers, most will tell you Asphalt, and for good reason. Asphalt 4 launched together with the iPhone 3G. Then it's successor with the 3GS, and now we're already looking at installment 6 for the iPad 2. Gameloft offers the HD version (that we tested) and a mobile version for the iPhone/iPod. Both are identical so opinions should apply to both. Let's take a look at Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD.


    Gameloft has built on its predecessors by again offering the same linear career mode, where you start at the bottom -a mini Cooper S- and work your way up to the big guns like an Aston Martin or the Bentley Speed 8. Doing this is easy and straightforward. The game offers multiple races with different objectives, winning them will earn you stars and money. The stars unlock new vehicles, which you can then buy from the cars’ selection screen.
    Fortunately the linear experience works quite well in Asphalt, not partly due to the excellent variation in racing modes. All the popular races from previous installments are back including: elimination, collector, under pressure and more. As these names suggest your role as a racer changes considerably, as you’ll either want to stay out of trouble or find it by nocking down all your opponents. In this version of the game, the computer cars also know which mode you're in. In under pressure for example they will bottle up and try to smash you into the wall, something they won’t bother with in regular races.


    I absolute adore the asphalt career format; it's fun and definitely earns the pick up and play title. Collecting new cars is a great motivation and you will have to as competition stiffens in later races. I'm happy to report that I couldn't win some races simply because my car wasn't capable. Unfortunately money is so easy to earn that often buying the fastest car is the simple solution.

    When career mode doesn’t tick your boxes, modes tend to stretch thin. The race mode lets you battle it out in 4 different races on all the tracks the game has to offer, yet they don’t let you toggle with any of the settings so the experience is thin to say the least.
    Luckily the multiplayer feature does cure this a bit – as the game offers multiplayer locally (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) or over the Internet. Racing with friends is a lot more fun and can stretch the experience a little, but after career mode the app has lost most of its appeal.

    Gameloft has definitely done their homework in obtaining all the required licenses to keep my petrol heart beating. Asphalt 6 offers 42 of the most iconic cars including the Mclaren Mp4-12c, Bugatti Veyron SS and Audi R8. Bikes are also present but due to their lack of drifting abilities quite useless in most occasions. Surprisingly lacking is the Ferrari FXX, a car that was available in previous versions of the game.
    Asphalt offers a host of simplified stats to inform you about the speed of your vehicles, including top speed, acceleration (0-100), handling (in G figures), and turbo boost. While a nice idea, I don't appreciate the seemingly random numbers. Some of the cars are unbelievably quick, while others are lacking behind their real world counterpart. Also the turbo speeds are idiotically fast - but all is forgiven in an arcade racer like this.
    If the default speeds aren't enough, asphalt offers a wide selection of upgrades for you to buy. Think of upgrades to the turbo boost, engine and suspension of the car. Want a new look to match the new characteristics? Don't worry Asphalt has you covered. Changing the colors or picking new graphics is mighty easy and impressive for a mobile title.


    There's definitely a tactic to winning the races. Simple driving the line will offer you a rewarding last place... in every occasion. Instead the tactic here is to get the turbo boost filled up by either doing drifts or collection the appropriate pick-ups. Apply the turbo on the straight, and drift through the corner, that’s the fastest way of navigating the track. One downside I noticed is how easy it is to hold a drift. I’ve done drifts lasting miles by steering in a slight counter angle without the car spinning or pulling out of it. Maybe it's a little too easy. Still it fits the mobile market space well.
    Smashing opponents into the wall or doing other violent/cocky things during the race can earn you extra money. Do this right and money won't be an issue ever, fail however and cash becomes troublesome - though only slightly. It adds an extra layer of challenge and can be hugely satisfying.
    Asphalt 6 comes with 12 tracks located in the world’s major cities. The developers did a great job in choosing the layouts and making the graphics. Most of these are fantastic to race on.


    The menu is clean and straightforward, showing your currently selected car in the background. There’s also an option to walk around a virtual garage and see the vehicles on display, but unfortunately lacks polish to become worthwhile.
    The cars look among the best for a mobile racer. It's easy to recognize the vehicles and most of the smaller details have been implemented onto the models. On iPad 2 each car gains reflections and advanced textures, while the original iPad has to settle for more washed out looking cars. The game looks terrific on both platforms, but I could definitely notice the difference on the iPad 2.
    There's no cockpit view, which is annoying, but considering all the drifting, most won't miss it, Tracks look gorgeous with lots of objects near the road. On the flip side, far away objects could've been done better and there's clearly a flat background at play here.


    For $6,99 Ashpalt 6 Adrenaline offers a lot of bang for buck. You get the best vehicles in the world displayed in beautiful graphics and 12 amazing fictional tracks to race on. The career mode set-up is nicely done and fits the mobile market space well. However after career mode the game is pretty much over, especially for the lone wolves among us.

    Browse asphalt 6 in the app store - for iPad - for iPhone - for Mac

    Modes 7/10
    Career mode will keep you going the longest, other modes are a bit thin for my taste. Multiplayer is a nice touch.

    Racing 8/10
    The unique way of navigating the track in Asphalt is a lot of fun and adds a layer of challenge. Vehicle speed and skill is essential for making it to the finish line in first place.

    Presentation 9/10
    Fantastic graphics for a mobile game, tracks are great but backgrounds are a little flat.

    Value 8/10
    Asphalt costs $6,99, which is among the more expensive apps, but you get a lot in return.

    Overall 8/10
    A great arcade oriented racer that has a lot of licenses and nice racing modes to keep you entertained for hours.
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    Wow, this on a mobile! I really feel like my K800i is from stone age now!:)
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    Always surprised how good the gfx are on mobile devices. Nice to see this Robin!
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    nice review Robin. It's great to see mobile device titles get some coverage too. Mobile devices have come a long way n the past few years. The graphics in these shots look great :)