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Hello together

I have a question about the Track Aspertsham, Bavarian Roads:
Is there an option to drive with other AI-Cars?
Each time I tried to start it with the 7 AI-Cars, the game (Assetto Corsa) crashes.
I have seen a Youtube Channel called Kajot2111.
Here is one of it's "movies":

There are driving a lot of different cars in AI, but there is no downloadlink or stuff like that.
May it be that he is driving in Multiplayer?
Thank you for any answers to my questions:thumbsup:

Greets, Lion-Racer

PS: Sorry for my english, i'm from Switzerland:)
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Made for us by `Itcars`

Is for previous version of the track but also works in 07 (only on Hargasser Schleife it seems)

Just saw that YT clip, looks like its multiplayer with the lawnmower driving on the grass, the bus that comes around the corner towards you and that pickup truck backing up on the road

Or multiplayer or a AI Traffic mod wich I gonna try to find ;)

This is what i find of the creator of that YT clip
Kajot's real traffic server live now!
Hello guys! Mr. Kajot2111 is now planning on doing an open lobby/real traffic session. You should find the server easily just by typing in Kajot!

MP but very funny imho
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