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Ash Racing Post Race Turkey

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Nick Rowland, May 24, 2010.

  1. Nick Rowland

    Nick Rowland

    Istanbul, the gateway to the East.

    Turkey would turn in to a very solid event for Ash Racing. Coming off the back of testing both Lee Morris and Samuel Libeert showed some very impressive times for the WC category and gave a welcomed boost not only just to them, but the entire team.

    Come qualifying Lee was very rushed in trying to get his laps in and wasn’t able to achieve his personal best which would have put him very close if not on the front row of the grid. Samuel was equally impressive just a few hundredths behind Lee’s time and 13th on the grid. Very encouraging for both.

    Samuel got the better start of the two drivers managing to navigate around the chaos of Turn 1. Lee unfortunately locked the differential on entry to Turn 1 getting in to a well saved slide.

    As the laps peeled off both drivers made progress through the field, an inspired pit stop from Lee Morris jumped him three positions before settling in to a brilliant scrap with John-Eric Saxén of Estrada-DHR SimCraft for an overall 8th place.

    Samuel unfortunately fell fowl to a telemetry error which cost him a valuable engine after a sterling drive inside the Top 10 to that point.

    The encouragement for both drivers after the pace they showed will only drive them forwards and keep them wanting more. While we still are a growing and developing team it’s great to see that these WC drivers are keeping the faith and belief in themselves and the team.

    Craig Johnston our new acquisition in World Trophy was a little unlucky. After a solid qualifying, Craig was hoping his race pace would really shine in Turkey but unfortunately wasn’t to be after an unfortunate accident in Turn 9 which looked like to lag related.

    Overall another encouraging and promising weekend for the Ash Racing team and we hope we can build off what we learnt here for Montreal.

    Congratulations and well done to Bruno Marques and Twister Racing after a phenomenal race.


    Nick Rowland
    Ash Racing
  2. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Need some cool screenshots here :wink:
  3. Bruno Marques

    Bruno Marques

    Nice post race review Nick and thank you :)
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