Ash Racing FSR Canadian Grand Prix Podcast

The new Podcast from Ash Racing, a unique idea for fsr we hope you like it !

Please do not be to critical we did not have too long to make this, its basicaly a test !

P.S its still processing so quality is poor
I like the idea, its pretty cool. The commentator is just too loud, the sound of Lee is perfect. Maybe you put your mic to close to your mouth.

But good stuff :D
i solved that issue i had nick turned up a lot on the voice so i could hear him in game for the next one we will turn it down :D
Really nice podcast. I enjoyed listening to it. Amazing thing was how calmly Lee talks, Rotherians normally don't make any sense to me :p
I had my mic turned up cause I have to have it at a level for the FSR Commentary.

Sorry about that, I will also turn it down my end.

Glad you guys enjoy it. Working on it a bit more for next one.
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