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Are the race results made up too?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by stbreaker, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. stbreaker


    I was just racing at Catalunya in the HRT... So you already know I was close to last. Towards the end of the race the leaders came around to lap me. I let race-leading Webber go by pretty easily and then proceeded to hold up Button for about 4-5 laps just for fun. I was lapping at about 1:27 and Webber was doing 1:24s. (As a side note, Bruno was a couple places in front of me and somehow doing 1:23s?!)

    Anyway, I finally let Button and Vettel by on the second to last lap and then there was a train of about 5 cars behind me as the race ended. However, when I looked at the results, Webber had apparently only won the race by 4 seconds and Vettel was in third only 6 seconds behind. The row of cars behind me all should have finished within tenths of each other and well behind Vettel, but instead were neatly spaced about 1 second apart each. I thought Codemasters said the race isn't faked. Am i missing something here?
  2. CeeGee


    Webber would have naturally been coasting round the last couple of laps to preserve his engine and he may have been very low on fuel. Frequently seen. The string of cars would have had to follow each other out of the final chicane, and the first car out can accelerate earlier than the second and so on leading to a gap as they pass the line.
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