Are shifters ever mandatory?

I've been using a very old Logitech wheel (Momo Racing Force) for years, on and off, and mainly for offline racing. I've finally decided to scrap that piece of junk and build a proper rig with a direct drive wheel, and ultimately join the online world. I'm a bit stuck on accessorizing though, and I'm hoping for a little guidance.

Does iRacing or other sim titles have cases where a shifter (sequential or H) is mandatory in order to participate? If not, when would I find myself wishing I had one?

My current shopping list includes the SC2 Pro, probably the Heusinkveld Sprint pedals. The P1-X is on order already, and an NRG Prisma seat is tucked away waiting to be mounted. I'm still deciding on a wheel, and a handbrake is on the maybe list.

Thanks in advance!


Not in iracing as far as I am aware. Maybe in some other sims depending on server setting it could turn off automatic but I cant remember ever seeing that as it's usually slower anyhow.

This is assuming you are meaning automatic shiting. As far as if you have paddles on your steering wheel, thats fine and games dont know the difference between that and a sequential.

So no, I dont think you will have any issues in not having a stand alone shifter, specifically not in iracing.


I think you could restrict a race but I have not seen it done before. Maybe a special league might require it but I doubt iRacing's official series would ever do it. I actually think it could make for a fun element of a league, but I'm slow when rowing my own gears which i guess is why I think it would add something.

Hope you enjoy your new gear, sure looks like a great list that many will envy.
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And even if manual gearbox should be mandatory you could always use the clutch and shift with the paddles.
As quoted above the PC won´t know the difference.

But it would be really awkward because it would need a completely new "program"
which is completely different from my personal car ( (manual) and the usual sequential simcar.

I recently learned sequential stick with clutch start and blipping downshift, it took me a while to automate this. ( I´m over 50 :mad:)

MFG Carsten
Thanks for all the comments folks. I have decided to skip the shifter for now. Down the road I'll probably grab an H Shifter, or maybe one of the dual mode variants. Happy long weekend. :D


Have fun with it now and grab something in the future. Shifting is fun, totally understand not getting it now, but get something when you can.

Take the time you dont have one to figure out what you like to drive and what shifters might be good. IMO, only get a H pattern if you really like to drive those cars with it and want to replicate it. I like using a sequential for some things but ultimately find paddles the most useful across all cars. Thats for what I drive though.