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What racing gear do you use while sim racing?

  • Gloves

    Votes: 275 19.5%
  • Boots

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  • None

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Arduino SFX Shield/Extension Board Group buy list (USA)

As you might have read I created a shield which makes the electrical part of installing the SFX100 super easy and idiot proof.

We will be organizing a group buy and make this board available to everyone who's interested.

The price of the board will be somewhere around 20 dollars
( plus shipping / handling and taxes if needed)

I will be handling orders for the USA region.

My current task is to collect prospects. In the second step, when the final price is fixed, you may send the amount including shipping costs to a PayPal address (PayPal for friends).

For those who have paid up to a certain date (I will post that later) the order will be started in China and the shipping to USA recipients will be arranged through me.

If you are interested and want to be put on the list, leave your nickname and desired quantity below in the topic. Thank you!

UK/Ireland SFX builders go here:

EU (except Germany) SFX builders go here:


German SFX100 builders go here:


NZ/AU SFX100 builders go here:

Update 1:
The final layout of the board has changed a bit. The RJ45 jack will be replaced by 2 screw terminals. This eliminates the need for an additional RJ45 breakout connector, and reduces the cost of the board.


Note that the enclosure has changed to accommodate this adjustment, so hold off on printing those until I make the updated enclosure files available.

Update 2:
Order process:
1. On April 5 I will send all people who are on the list a PM with my PayPal address.
2. Cost for US orders is $24 shipped for one board. Additional boards are +$9.00.
3. Please only use PayPal's "Send to Friends and Family " to avoid PayPal fee.
4. In the PayPal comment leave your full name and shipping address.
5. The payment window will close on April 12.
6. All orders payed by April 12 will be included in the group buy.
7. We will order the boards at the factory on April 12.
8. Estimated delivery before the end of May.

Updated design video:
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Hey, I'm not sure if you had already tallied my order, but I am post #5, I just increased my request units from 1 to 2 after reading some interesting news on Discord. Not sure if you were tallying as they came in or waiting till the end, but I wanted to let you know about my edit to be sure. Thanks again for such a great contribution to this project :)