Arca update?

Feb 19, 2007

today after some time no Arca, I started up leverage and saw an update for Leverage Client and Arca game
what has been updated?

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Dec 26, 2006
I have updated my game as well but have clue what changed. TSF hasn't logged in to RD for quite some time now. Let's hope somebody knows

Dustin Barton

Oct 5, 2008
Development has begun on the second installment of software by the Sim Factory LLC and though no release date has currently been set the goal is to try to release it by the end of 2010. Our goal is to provide a more feature and content rich experience to our users. In addition we are still working to finalize track content as well as other features for ASR and at the same moving toward the next release.

The new version is going to tentatively be rebranded as the Professional Stock Car Simulator, by the Sim Factory as it remains in development. As this will be a totally new version it will contain new content, upgraded features and a new and upgraded physics engine and online subscription system. The new software package will include the ARCA Series presented by RE/MAX and Menards cars and tracks, which will contain massive upgrades to those components. In addition the core software package when released will contain the COT and Truck content as well as other tracks and obviously new features, UI and ultimately core component upgrades of the new gmotor engine.

The purchasing structure will be similar to other titles but with elements unique to us. As with most common titles you will own the software and content you have paid for and can race in the offline mode as long as you would like. Your initial purchase will also cover the core software package and content as well as one years subscription from the date of purchase to the online systems, which includes access to future content such as cars and tracks as well as the statistical ranking systems, account management and league tools. Required updates such as as, issues related to gameplay or bug fixes will be applied as needed to both continued subscribers as well as those who do not continue their subscription past the first year.

We believe that by providing you more quality content in the core package, continued content each season as well as the online component, which offers an un-paralleled statistical and ranking system, coupled with structured racing events and series based components. That this will allow us the ability to provide a more energetic racing lobby and at the same time spend a great deal of focus on elements pertaining to league racing and broadcasting which in return justifies the cost of the software and online service.

As our focus is and has always been on league racing and a viable training based software package for the racing industry, many aspects of the overall package are in the works to be changed to suit our community and end-users demands and needs. Driving aids will no longer exist and will be stripped from the software as they can be too easily used to cheat with and the new web based login component will thwart hacked exe users from attempting to play online. We are contemplating many aspects or items in the software so that we can provide a more efficient online racing experience.

As we have done in the past we will continue to develop each content item from real world data, which will inlcude our track design. Real-world data such as laser and GPS scans as well as at-the-track vehicle telemetry data will be used to create more realism in the racing surfaces. Track re-surfacing as well as texturing and other updates will also be taking place on tracks currently in the library as well.

Currently we are moving our website over to be more informational in regard to the new product and also to include more information about ASR. We are excited for the future of our product and look forward to providing you the most competative and realistic online stock car racing community.
Taken from the 'News' section once the leverage client updated.