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ARCA Sim Racing Update Details

Discussion in 'ARCA Sim Racing' started by The Sim Factory, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. The Sim Factory

    The Sim Factory

    Free client download here: http://www.thesimfactory.com/ASR_L1.zip

    ASR 08 UPDATE 1.04 :: 10-2-09


    1. Daytona and Talladega front-end geometry change to 09 Specs/ Aero changes and slight physics re-work to decrease hyper-sensative buffering in draft
    2. Rockingham suspension and physics updated
    3. Radial Tires added to Short Tracks - removed Bias-Ply tires
    4. Salem physics changed in reference to item #5
    5. Limit spring settings on short tracks where users are bottoming out car causing graphic glitch of tires coming through the fenders. These tracks like Salem and Rockingham would not be able to run with these low springs in life so minimum settings have been changed
    6. Various front-end geometry changes at ST and INT tracks to comply with 09 specs
    7. Pocono Scuffs fixed
    8. New wear parameters at Rockingham added for global test...will be added to all tracks and customized for next patch
    9. Fixed default gears at MIS for AI


    1. Toledo, Daytona, Talladega, Salem and Rockingham grip level changes to comply with 09 data telemetry
    2. Berlin Pit issue fixed
    3. Nashville Access Road Scoring issue fixed
    4. Salem - Fixed gate clipping issue
    5. Added white line and cones to pit exit and adjusted pit out poly
    6. Fixed scoring issue when pitting off backstretch access road
    7. Fixed Rockingham laps to 312 (2008 event detail)

    1. Removed outside shift sounds
    2. Added PitSound Package provided by Maxx_Power ((http://www.maxxxpower.net/projects/MaxxxPowerAudio/index.html))

    1. ARCA MOUNTAIN SPEEDWAY - Formerly Joesville Speedway provided as one of six tracks to be given to TSF.
    A. Rebuilt entire infield and scoring loops to allow full field of cars
    B. Rebuilt various other items through the track
    C. Added Multi-Grooved surface
    D. Added Live-Track Technology
    E. Various texture Changes

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