ARC Team Brake Mod Review

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  1. Brian Clancy

    Brian Clancy

    In this Review Kris will be looking at ARC Teams Brake Mod for Logitechs G25/27 brake pedal. It promises to be an interesting subject and this brake mod really is very well made...Enjoy

    By Kris Vickers


    First Impressions:
    What you get when you purchase the ARC Team brake mod is the following;
    The steel ‘piston’ in two sections,
    One stiff dual rate spring,
    And one softer dual rate spring (but still stiffer than the default G25).
    For reference, the yellow spring is the softer one.
    The first thing you will notice is that it’s heavy, and it looks and feels very sturdy.
    You definitely will not have to get in touch with Team ARC for a replacement, as this thing will never break.
    It feels very industrial and not sim-ish at all, as it’s made from steel. You could quite easily believe that this can/was fitted on a real car!

    arc2.jpg arc3.png

    Nuts and Bolts:
    Upon purchasing from the website, you can also choose to download the instructions in PDF format. You can tell the instructions were written by someone who’s first language is not English, but they are still very clear in what you need to do to install this device and also include pictures at each step.
    It’s very simple to install too, as it is designed to be a direct replacement of the G25 brake ‘piston’. No wiring/soldering is necessary.
    The only tools required are a Phillips screwdriver, a 2.5mm and 5mm hex key and a 10mm spanner.


    While your fitting the spring of your choice, you’ll appreciate the little details that have gone into this. Things like the rubber bump stop on the damper and the white lithium grease applied as lubricant. You will also notice that the steel is beautifully cut to a high standard.
    Installation should take no more than 30 minutes, and that is at a leisurely pace.
    It took me a little longer, but I had one child sitting all over my pedal set while trying to unscrew them and the other pinching my tools!
    You do have to be careful about the wires when opening the pedal set up, but this is all covered in the manual.
    The drilled shafts at both ends of the piston are a nice fit to the original nuts and bolts, and because of this, there are no issues with fitting.


    Driving with the Brake mod:
    If all you are used to is the standard brake pedal of the G25, when you try this mod on the track, you will certainly tell the difference.
    I did the traditional man thing of going straight for the toughest spring, and boy does it live up to its name.
    Understandably, it took a fair few laps to get used to the new tension of the pedal, but once I started to, I could see lap times come down slightly. I found it easier to find and hold the pedal at the limit, meaning I could brake later and have shorter braking distances.
    What I liked about using this pedal, is when I was braking, instead of using just my ankle to push my foot onto the pedal, I was using my whole leg as you would in a road car.


    It’s a sure way of improving the feel of your G25 pedal-set, While it’s very easy to install, there are precautions to be taken, but all are well documented.
    Overall it feels very well made, solid and looks very professional.

    Value : 85/100 While this is not the cheapest piece of kit, for the €108 price tag, what you get is bomb proof and will easily outlast the Logitech pedal set with great functionality.

    Functionality : 95/100 Does exactly what it’s meant to and feels great to use.

    Quality: 98/100 Very well made, beautifully engineered piece of kit.

    RD Rating: 278/300

    Buy One?? : I would certainly purchase one of these, as the improvement over the standard brake pedal is vast.

    For more information about this product, or any other of Team ARC`s products visit there website HERE

    I would like to thank Kris for his first 'offical' review and thank Andrea from ARC Team very much for making this review possible. We will shortly be reviewing the much awaited ARC Team G25 /G27-E Mod.

  2. Rhys Gardiner

    Rhys Gardiner

    Very nice writeup. I've been toying around with the idea of modding my pedals, and this has perked my interests...
  3. Matjaž Murn

    Matjaž Murn

    It definitely looks and sounds great but... 108€? That's not even how much my G25 is worth anymore after three years of use. I'd maybe consider buying it if it was half the price, 108€ is just too much.

    Maybe I'll get it done at a local hardware shop. I'd just need the exact measurements of the piston and the strength of the springs.
  4. Robin Chung

    Robin Chung

    Awesome review Brian! That's the big benefit of the G25/G27, a lot of enthusiast use it and therefore the community and 3rd party support is enormous.
  5. Brian Clancy

    Brian Clancy

    Kris gets the Credits for this review :) Its not a cheap item, but it works very well and is frankly bomb proof! ARC Team products are built with proffesional use in mind and as such are built to last even with very heavy pro usage, add the functionality aspect and the costing is quite reasionable to be honest.

    As is the case with most things in life...... You get what you pay for :)
  6. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work

    Nice review, though for that price I think I'd save a bit more and have the Perfect Pedal Inside Sim Racing reviewed.
  7. Bob Hutchins

    Bob Hutchins

    Nice job Kris/Brain, but as Tim pointed out & others, costs to much when for a few euros more you can have the fanatec clubsport pedals which are way better.
  8. Brian Clancy

    Brian Clancy

    Thanks Bob, but Kris did almost all of this :)

    Thats a very valid point for sure Bob and everyone knows how highly I rate the Fanatec CSP's, but on the other hand, this is half the price of the CSP (for some thats important) and also some people have reached the limit of 3 H.I.D. controllers in game, or may have already inverted thier pedals etc, so its another option :)

    But its a high quality item that may fit the bill for some people and I like to try and find good quality products that offer the most options to people :)
  9. Nigel Atkins

    Nigel Atkins

    grats on your 1st review Kris :cool:

    but 85/100 for value, i nearly fell of my chair when i read the price :tongue:

    108 euros & delivery for whats nothing more than a couple of stiffer springs is not good value especialy when you can get the AP electrix load cell mod for almost half the price.
  10. Adam Vaughan

    Adam Vaughan

    Something Id be interested in but that price is outrageous. Nice review though Kris.
  11. Don Davis

    Don Davis

    ya, if i was spending that much i'd just get clubsports. Though, price right this would be great upgrade.
  12. Matt Shewmake

    Matt Shewmake

    Nigel, can u share a link to the load cell you are referring to? I know about a lot of brake mods but the one you speak of is news to me. I might be interested,,
  13. Warren Dawes

    Warren Dawes

  14. eddiespag


    Wait till you see the outrageous price on the ARC Team's Logitech G27 Mod upgrade. But then again, the performance is ridiculously outrageous. :cool:
  15. Georgios Davakos

    Georgios Davakos

    Great review, this is definatly something I am looking for because I hate the standard G27 brakes. (to unrealistic compare to the kart that I drive)
  16. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    rFactor Senior Club Manager Staff Premium

    OK, i bought one. It was at my door in 8 days with emails to confirm the order and dispatch, it took 20 mins to instal and works really Realy good, may have to adjust my sensertivety to find the sweet spot ( pratice and test ). But already it feels beter .... Worth every peny:D

    (on taking my cover off it looks like the wires were already trapped, there is a little line of plastic pins with a v in the top for the wires to lay across, mine were not in it and already trapped)

    looks like ill be waring trainers to race in from now. this is one serious bit of kit when pushing on that pedal !!!!

    I use a wheel stand pro and a nice big seat, It needs alot of force to push the brake pedal and im pushing the wheel stand pro away from me on a carpet (the only solution i could find was )
  17. Andrea Rossetti

    Andrea Rossetti

    Hello guys.

    thank's a big order received in the past and new price from our supplier thank's our big number of purchase, from monday 6 june we can offer ARC_Brake & BIG Brake at less price than before.
    Stay tuned: we come back soon with news
  18. arc_team


    Hello guys. We are proud to inform you we have a special offer regarding ARC_Brake (and all other our artichle).

    ARC_Brake price for euro zone is 76,67€ . For all other zone is 63,36 €
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    A special gift for all Racedepartment users registered before today 30-november-2011 is another 2% off. Please insert , as code, your Racedepartment Nickname.
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  19. Brian Clancy

    Brian Clancy

    Thats a pretty good price reduction! :)
  20. Mpelo Ndamba

    Mpelo Ndamba

    Were can I Buy this in the US???