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what an ass, what kind of person pulls crap like this, when half the sim racers are waiting for this, you lucky pal, your an admin i'd rip you a new one, for being a dumbass..:mad:

Andy White

Just stumbled across this article (spanish, so could be a joke with what date it is), wonder if it's true?


Translates to :
"Forums Americans are burning due to a possible (and more than likely) ISI delay to get the long-awaited public beta of rFactor 2, and this appears to be due to an exploit that was found in the beta v0 96 of the game and would play online without having to pay the basic license of the game, which has provoked the immediate reaction of the guys from Ann Arbor. Hopefully it is just a setback and the thing does not take too long."

Hope it's not true.
"In Spain, Hispanic America and the Philippines December 28 is a day for pranks equivalent to April Fool's Day in many countries."
Conclusion: Don't take anything that is written in Spanish seriously today.
Aha-ha :D:D:D Some people are very serious. Come on guys, it's Christmas holidays! Few days will solve nothing. Enjoy the anticipation, it's not the years, a few days left before the rF2 release. Take some rest of racing and share your time with family and friends. All whole next year you will be driving, driving and driving...

Bram Hengeveld

Me neither. Was browsing the forums in bed last night with my phone. Suddenly saw that rFactor 2 was released and got up again. Started the computer only to find out it was a hispanic april fools day lol.

Ban the spanish :)
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