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Skins Apple-Mercedes Skin 1.0

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chessmaster02 submitted a new resource:

Apple-Mercedes Skin - An Apple themed Mercedes Skin. Full team coming soon.

Apple-Mercedes skin. I didn't change the cars colour because I though silver was best. However I am thinking about making a white or orange version, depending on what you guys want. The full team will be released soon with Steve Jobs and Ashton Kutcher as drivers. They already have their names on the car. Also I may make Samsung, Sony etc and make an entire mod of it. These guys are my heroes and inspired me to become a programmer. Also can we all just say R.I.P Steve Jobs, who is one of the...

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I'd remove the phone on the side, and possibly change it another color. I'm going to get shot for saying this, but white would be great with this skin.
same opinion here. if i was him i will get rid of the phone and put some logo/change the color. the phone didn't fit with the sidepods IMO
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