Anyone know about "tunes" not saving or changing?

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    The bottom line, AC, believe it or not, is INCAPABLE OF SAVING SETTINGS!!
    This is a huge, embarrassing bug for any programmer, let alone an entire company.
    AC does not consider it so, but MY TIME is important and so is yours. For all the details read to the bottom. For my "Bottom line on Assetto Corsa", to save you time, here it is:


    GAME SAVE HORRIBLE (You never know which tune you are driving, nor the AI skill level).
    If you are very, very serious about tuning a car 100's of times, THEN never really knowing which tune you are driving, then buy AC. If you want to be reprimanded by the AC "customer service" snowflakes about your attitude, then buy AC. The physics seems to be OK for the "mystery tune" you will be driving. If a personal or world record, best hot lap, constant improvement or consistent laps are important, DO NOT BUY AC. Also if you expect your concerns to be taken seriously by the "customer service" sissies at AC THEN DO NOT BUY AC.

    Physics, visual perception of speed, wheel controls vs onscreen action, FFB adjustability, car adjustability and ease of adjustability - all very good, THE PHYSICS AND SOUND SUPERB
    (In my opinion driving mainly the Lotus 98T and a few others, MUCH BETTER than GT6 or PC1)

    Playability due to the "tune" saves - VERY POOR since this is primarily a "hot lap" and "offline" choice for racing sims.

    Menus clean looking but access to them is needlessly inept. Look good but don't scale up to the size of the display. No direct access to "tuning" menus, just serial access (count through until you arrive at the one you want)
    (That has to be UI / Programming 101, yet AC DOES POORLY in the blatantly obvious and simple)

    Initial game/Windows 10/Logitech G25 and all the in-games graphics setup. In this area, it was somewhat FRUSTRATING. You must change the game and menu graphics then reboot to see the differences (sometimes you couldn't see the menu to readjust it!!). At least you do this, only once.

    I began to notice this around 8 months ago. I ran the same track and car. Nurburgring Endurance, 25.378km and the 1986 Lotus 98T (with a John Player Special #12, and Ayrton Senna mod(a big thanks to the "skin" maker)). This was my reason for buying AC over Project Cars (which I now own due to other issues with AC in the past). So I race the same track the same car, maybe a 1000 starts. Seriously. I know the track and the car, since I have been tuning and retuning endlessly for that track. When I choose "Quick Race", I run against Senna's team mates' car. The #11 Lotus 98T without the graphics mod. I set "DeAngelis" to 100% "Ability" and 100% "Agression" and 0% "Variation".

    Every 2nd time I load the game, Ability = 98%. I haven't used that setting for over 6 months. Always I readjust to 100% and save or exit that setting every way possible and it always loads a 98% every 2nd time.

    Imagine trying to beat lap times of 7:15 (standing start) and 7:10 (2nd lap of a 2 lap race) knowing the car changes it's handling as well as, the bot drivers' skill level. Lately after the 1.15 update (which wiped my entire game except for the precious Senna car and helmet graphics) I noticed that this is no longer speculation on my part.

    Absolutely certain, I did a slower top speed on the same part of the track. Instead of hitting redline in 6th at the end of a straight, I hit around 25kmh slower. NO CHANGES TO THE CAR. Then I played another day, and the 300kmh speeds were back. Also, and this is more subjective, the car always felt distinctly different from my hot laps. Cornered much worse. Much more difficult to control. Even doing the burnout at the line seems to be almost night and day difference.

    When doing a burnout in 1st at the beginning of a race, if the car is controllable with a little steering and throttle and I take off as fast as the bot, it seems the rest of the setting are somewhat close and the car drives, more or less as I remember it. However if the back of the car is very loose during the burnout, I know AC has screwed my chances of anything near a record hot lap. And it proves true. The car handles like the tyres are lubed with oil. An important point to note, is that I also verify every single setting for the car, every time I load the game, and my best tune. And the NUMBERS of the settings are exactly what they should be. There is NO WAY the top speed should change from one day to the next without a single change in ANY SETTING. The last straight is so long that the Lotus has all day, to reach redline in 6th (which it does quickly) and yet some days, no changes, verified does not reach top speed.

    When the AC tech support person has her first period, I hope she will finally bring this to the attention of the programmers at AC, instead of telling me about my attitude (which is frustrated and under-whelmed by the AC employee who programmed the so call "save routines").

    I stand by more original statement. Assetto Corsa is an EXCEPTIONAL EXAMPLE OF SIMULATION, of any type. Yet the change in settings and/or saves is PATHETIC and the so-called "programmer" who botched, this SHOULD BE EMBARRASSED.
    "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times."
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    Have you compared this to RL? Top speeds there are going to vary by day too
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    Have you set your wind conditions to random? You didn't mention it, and wind influences your top speed by a lot. Temperature as well.
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    I've never had, nor have I ever heard of anyone else having, a problem saving tunes or setting changes in AC. Sounds like PEBKAC to me.