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DiRT Rally 2.0 Anyone Have Logi G29 FFB Settings To Share?

Just got DR2 tonight and had a very brief session with it (in New England) just to get some first impressions. Full Disclosure - I know next to nothing about rallying, so take this with a grain of salt.

Overall, for a rallying noob, it doesn't seem nearly as bad as some have been saying. Graphics and Audio are quite good. Rally selections do indeed seem a bit limited though.

FFB could be better for sure. No real feel for the road surface, IMO. However, for someone who is as lousy as me, it's still certainly drivable.

For my Logi G29, after setting the buttons, etc to my liking, I moved the steering saturation to -5 which seems to give me quicker steering response. I looked at the config file in Notepad, but the G29 is one of the wheels that doesn't have any default values for FFB listed in the file.

So I'm wondering whether anyone with a Logi G29 (or G27 or similar), has other FFB tweaks that they found improvement with worth sharing?

just make sure the device options in the profiler are on default. Set the turn degrees back to where you want them. I personally only lowered the self aligning ingame down to 80ish.
( i played around adding those "default" lines behind them. But adding force to 6 etc didn't improve anything for me. Just more heavy wheel ) I think logitech devices are the default ffb steering wheels for codies. The other ones get adjusted ffb strength, to adjust them to same levels of feedback)
There is just not enough small bumps going into the steering wheel. The roads don't even need to be more bumpy, they just need to feel more bumpy in your hands.
the only thing I changed was the max ° on the logitech gaming software (to 540° max), other than that im using the default ffb and it feels pretty decent compare to what Ive heard from other wheel brand's users (I have to say that it feels good in all surface but tarmac, in tarmac is pretty bad, just the same as gravel and it definetly shouldnt be like that)
g29 btw