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Anyone else with save game problems?

Discussion in 'GRID 2' started by Maurice Böschen, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Maurice Böschen

    Maurice Böschen

    Oh men, I cant believe that I really spent 27 Euro on this one...
    I knew it from the F1 series but thought it will never happen again because they fixed it in the F1 series.. But.. I get this **** savegame problem again now in Grid 2..
    Every time I quit the game and re-start it, my career will start from the beginning... Even when I manually save the game and exit it then.. This is **** for 27 euroI only use the camera mods and the intro remove mod from the forums here and I dont think that those mods cause such a save problem?

    Anyone else with this problem here???
    Codie MUST look into it, otherwise I will freeze the money paid via Paypal!

  2. Petar Tasev

    Petar Tasev

    Using certain mods will remove the ability to save your career. For whatever reason CM decided this would be a good thing to do, and screw over anyone that wants to mod. Looking for a fix, but no promises.
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  3. narkohol


    Exactly same problem here. Was very happy with my mod until I realised savegame was turned off all time.

    It seems to happen editing surface_materials.xml or any .ctf car file.
    At least It is easy to check just loading the game and trying to Save the Driver Profile in the Options menu.

    It looks like they use a specific protection against modifying the physics/handling files, as there is no problem at all editing the cameras.xml or altering/deleting videos, textures or sounds.

    I've been doing some research but didn't found any possible solutions yet. It seems every modder out there is having exactly the same issue.

    The original surface_materials.xml file can be converted to text and reconverted to BXML Big again (seems to be the original format), but changing just 1 digit inside the file disables the save feature in the game.
    Tried even overwriting the file from a network computer once the game was already loading and checked that Save Driver Profile was ok, but no luck at all. It seems it only read that files at the begining.
    Any help will be very appreciated.

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  4. headrushmayor


    i edit sound game stop saving so must add sumthing to patch to stop that as well. yes anything u mod will kill the game they just crap, trying work out how get car upgrade in single player as there no database file it hard all database are pssg files now.
  5. Tony Crabb

    Tony Crabb

    With the upcoming patch CM, modding should now work. But as far the save game problem, there hasn't been any solid news about that yet. It may be in the next patch, along with a lot of other stuff.
  6. narkohol


    The upcoming "Community Patch" will allow saving using a different save than online, so the problem will be fixed for "full game" mods like our BayetasMod.

    Thanks to that support (at last) we are expanding our BayetasMod project to a much wider extent and dedicating more resources.
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