any way to define 'end of game' driving errors for AIs ??


ive got terrain in my track that is too steep to ascend back to the track should you make an error and drive off the road. problem is the AIs think they can try so they spend the rest of the session doing skids and spinning around in the grass trying to get back onto the track.

is there any way to define an 'out of bounds' region on the track so that if AIs end up in that area, they are teleported back to the pits to start again?

alternatively, is there a way to define a 'path' to follow, kindve like a taxi way, that AIs will follow to rejoin the track rather than just taking the 'shortest path' which they seem to do now



Sadly, I'm fairly certain the answers are "no" and "no". Best bet is to create an invisible wall that keeps them out of those areas.


ah i hate those invisible walls :( if i want to drive into the river, im going to drive into the river dammit! lol just sucks that if the AIs do that theyre not smart enough to give up and go back to the pits


in the ISI aiw tool you can create generic paths that you can branch back onto the main path, but i haven't tested it out to see if it actually works. it would also require you to make the aiw entirely in the ISI tool rather than BTB.
Any surface not tagged a certain way will cause teleports. A long time ago I was looking at Rally trophy stages which had extremely quick teleport tolerences. IIRC if it was tagged as legal there would be no tele. I believe I also had to alter the corridors. Check the material properties in the tdf.
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