Any way to "create championship"?

I love this sim so much, and thanks too all the amazing modders out there i have a wonderful library of classic tracks and cars that i grew up with in the 70s/ 80s. LOVE IT!
However, the 2 things that irk me are the inability to create custom championships and the inability to allow ai cars into multiplayer? Pretty sure you could do this back in the day on the humble ps1 on the original toca. I will happily admit to being clueless as far as modding goes!
Thanks for any response, Stuu.
Cheers Jon, will take a look... could multiplayer vs computer (ai) be possible? i'm not that competitive online. I have attempted to encourage friends to play this beautiful old beasty via altbierbude, hard work for 2 players and often play "best lap time" with my sons however it does get a bit lonely:(:)
And again massive thanks


It is not too difficult to create your own championships as the files that need to be adjusted can be opened and changed by notepad. To change the tracks in a championship the cup files (.gdb in the GameData folder) need to be edited, and to change the cars the class line in the files need changing. It can't be done 'in game' and can be time consuming depending how complex you want to get, but it is a satisfying experience. In my own championships I have added new filter names in the .gdb files and added those names in the class line of the cars I want in the races. If you want to do this I would be happy to help (although I'm sure there are plenty of others who would be better!)


I would be most curious how you do this. I googled this and you were the only person I could find who mentions this. I would really appreciate it if you could give me some examples of what exactly it was that you edited. Is it possible to set up many different championships without it effecting any others that were already in the game or others that have been created?



By default I set fia-gtc76 cars for CUP_CustomChampionshipTemplate.GDB but you just need notepad (notepad++ is better to modify many files at the same time) to make your own championship :

- to begin with you must create a specific tag, could be any word you want, in my example it is SIM_CUSTOM1 : choose some cars (20-28) to make a grid and open all the *.CAR files in notepad++, click Search>Replace...

Find what: classes="
Replace with: classes="SIM_CUSTOM1,


- now you can use your new tag SIM_CUSTOM1 : go to GTL\GameData directory, open CUP_CustomChampionshipTemplate.GDB with notepad++, use replace tool again with replace

Find what: SIM_GTC76
Replace with: SIM_CUSTOM1

click REPLACE ALL, then you can modify/edit the championship name, the laps number and the tracks schedule... save file and enjoy your custom championship :)

- you can change the name of GDB file and add as many championships GDB but you will need to make some changes in GTL\GameData\CUPSTAGES.GDB : when you open CUPSTAGES.GDB go to line 100 (notepad++ show you line number) and edit/add your new championships GDB names in the list of CUSTOM CHAMPIONSHIPS STAGE just below CUP_CustomChampionshipTemplate.gdb.
In Game, with GTL 10TH Anniversary UI you can use the 6th extra CUP STAGE I have added called CUSTOM CHAMPIONSHIPS, then you can access to the championships you have added previously in CUPSTAGES.GDB.
By default, you can only see 6 championships on the page so you will need to use your mouse wheel (thanks to Mushy for this easter egg) to navigate and display more than 6 championships.
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Mushy from altbierbude has made a nice tutorial to create your own championships :

if you have GTL 10TH Anniversary UI then you can use the extra CUP STAGE I have added (CUSTOM CHAMPIONSHIPS) instead of overwriting default game championships as Mushy did in his video : when you open CUPSTAGES.GDB go to line 100 (notepad++ show you line number) and edit/add your GDB in the list of CUSTOM CHAMPIONSHIPS STAGE.
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