Any Update on V0.9 ??

I'm just wondering if there has been any progress in V0.9 ?

Have not seen anything in ages, just an update if you could.



It was always obvious that Brendon didn't want to be bothered with emails reporting errors (and questions). That's why this Forum was made for :)

We have a bunch of information here on the Forum, which was collected by everybody for more than a year. But, searching for specific problems is also very hard, because they are spread everywhere and often threads change topics.

Then, it's an idea - in case of Brendon will be back to BTB bussiness - maybe we can create some special section(s) on the forum - just to make it clear for the better future of BTB. I mean to create threads just to report errors/bugs that we see - like a clear and organised list. The other thread could be for something like a "wish list" - what could be improved or changed in BTB.
The posts should be clear and short, possibly with no solutions or further explanations what to do if problem occurs (we can always create normal threads for problems/questions/solutions with "normal" discussion as we do at present)

I'm asking the Admins if this can be possible? Could it be done like "New Tracks" section, where we first choose the game the track is made for (this could be usefull to organise post by pc systems (XP, Vista, 7)? Then, after some visual amount of information is collected somebody could e.g merge similar problems (or "wishlist") just to organise it better.
I also mean (if the sections like above could be created) it would be obvious for us to try our best that these threads are not messed :)
Does it make any sense for you?

As far I knew Brendon's approach, he always was the first person who wanted The BTB to be a perfect program.

There should be clearly written some information like "think twice before posting here" and/or "read Brendon's threads about reporting before..." These sub-forums could be not really for us, just to make his future (I believe) work easier :)


I suppose these people were asked to not talk about version 0.9, which was a good move :)
I meant we still can do this for version 8.03, besides all possible improvements that were made.
I think he's just lost interest in the project. It may be job related, or simply the lads not making any thing out of it... which is a shame because it's an extremely valuable tool to the modding community and a pity he can't hand it over to another programmer to continue his oh so exellent work....:confused:
I hope he hasn't lost interest.. If he has then maybe let us know that V.803 was the last one.. Again, I hope he hasn't as the laser scan tracks would have been the future of BTB.
the laser version of BTB was never intended to be released to the general public, in fact it was available to buy but was well over $10,000 last time I heard.

Bram Hengeveld

We have a bunch of information here on the Forum, which was collected by everybody for more than a year. But, searching for specific problems is also very hard, because they are spread everywhere and often threads change topics.
Bring on the suggestions so we can make it more easier for you :thumb:


Bram, thanks for your interest - maybe I do something wrong, but for me searching the Forum by the keywords does not work - any keyword I would write - I always get zero results... I just got used to navigate through threads/posts - there's always more of something interesting by the way :)


I was testing the 0.9 and no, it doesn't work anymore. In fact, it only worked for a week. Anyway, most of the new options worked well at that point (December 2009)
Brendon was working on the new license behaviour too during the beta testing program... the license of the beta was expired in a few days...
But he was working also for a BTB version working on 64 bit OS (XP, Vista and Seven as well). I personally tested on Seven64 2 different EXEs of both BTB and XPacker.
Tests were positive and the new features of the BTB 0.9 were so wonderful to move BTB into a new era!!!!!!!!! But in the meantime someone blasted the BTB Web site and the license programm, so Brendon worked hard to fix the website and to make working again the license system.
He missed also all datas related to the new version 0.9 and since those days we haven't any new beta release... I'm really afraid to have missed this new version and all the efforts of Brendon...



it would still while Brendon gives news and argues or is the situation.
I stayed very cool so far with this license system sucks, but it is too.
I post under the heat of anger, too bad, but at least it will relieve me, after all, only 3/4h I reboot my machine-loop in the hope that BTB be willing to engage.
He did much more time for further development is understandable, but do not take 5 minutes to keep users informed of the situation is really making fun of their mouths.
Sick of this license does rotten **** that users who pay. Reached such a level of ignorance in the feedback, it suggests that we need to switch to a version Cracked order to complete our work and no longer suffer such protection weak. Protection is needed I will not return it, but the solution does not block the guys running on legal versions.

Brendon gives new choice for fast or at least finish the work will be taken soon I fear, take 5 minutes to post the information has never lost an arm in person.

The truth is it could be any number of reasons, but unless brendon deems it necessary to give an explanation we just have to make do with what we have got....


Since how many time can we generate a new license every month ? This is new for me... if this was intentional, that's a great move forward.
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