Any tips?

Jonathan Schneider

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Oct 12, 2010
To me this game is stupidly frustrating. At times the bikes seem to react entirely unpredictably, often doing different things when given the exact same inputs at the exact same locations. The AI speed also seems to be all over the place, sometimes totally incompetent, sometimes literally unbeatable despite the difficulty.

For reference, I play Moto GP 17 and Ride 3 (in other words, better games) on high difficulties, with minimal assists and have no problems. I also play car racing sims with minimal to no assists, so throttle/brake control isn't my problem.

Can anyone help? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


Aug 23, 2012
Have a read through the various posts in the following threads (among others in this forum):
I presume you're already using analog steering, throtle and brake - it is a must with this game/sim.
(also, Xbox360 and XboxOne gamepads -analog thumbsticks and triggers- are best choice here, IMHO)
It's not like there's something "magical" to find, but you'll be better by experimenting with different settings of (low %) sensibility and assistances - you may end up with a very pleasing compromise.
Avoid using assistances wherever possible (obviously use them if necessary, but do it very moderately), as they take away a lot of the feeling and perception you're able to get (to a certain extent), and can introduce other issues, such as numb feeling and odd (if unpredictable) behaviour.
I'd also strongly suggest to become accustomated to the SuperSport (600cc class) bikes, and avoid the Superbikes (~1000cc class). The former are, IMHO, a far better representation in regards to a simulation.
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